When Prince Hao returned to the Prince Hao Residence, he felt his heart ache upon finding Su Xi-er sitting and waiting for him to have dinner together. He immediately went forward and grabbed her hand, saying, “When this Prince is away, you should eat first. You don’t have to wait for this Prince when it’s mealtime; your body is thin enough as it is.”


He then scooped some yam soup into a bowl before handing it to her. “Drink this to nourish your body.”


Su Xi-er took the bowl and smiled. “My body is in good condition, and I already ate with Ruo Yuan and Hong Li while you were gone. I’m only waiting for you now because I got hungry again.”


Pei Qianhao nodded before muttering, “It looks like moving more is also a good thing. That way, you’ll be able to eat more.” He then put some meat and vegetables on her plate.


Su Xi-er initially didn’t understand what he was implying by ‘moving more’. Only after they finished their dinner and washed up did she realise what he was referring to!


Seeing his devilish gaze, Su Xi-er immediately protested, “Tonight won’t do. Let me rest. Who does it three times in a day?”


“This Prince learned that thrice a day is considered little. Besides, this Prince has held it in for 25 years.”


Su Xi-er glanced at him. “Don’t talk to me about the 25 years.”


Pei Qianhao walked forward and picked her up bridal style before she could say anything, setting her down on the soft bed before his own tall figure pressed down on her. “Xi-er.” His voice was slow and soft, and it sounded like he was trying to please her.


She looked at him, feeling that he was beginning to look more and more like a child who was denied their sweets. She helplessly raised a hand to rap his head lightly. “You need to be gentler; otherwise, you won’t be able to keep doing as you wish.”


“This Prince will definitely be gentler; don’t worry, Princess Consort.” Pei Qianhao smiled as he began taking action. He was already familiar with how to remove her dress, and knew all the spots to touch to make her feel comfortable.


In contrast to the frigid night, the room was burning with intense passion as the sounds of their activities leaked out. It was fortunate that neither the guards nor maidservants had dwellings in the main courtyard. Even Hong Li and Ruo Yuan resided in rooms in the backyard.


As a newly married couple, it was inevitable that they were more heated in their movements. 


The next day, Su Xi-er was starting to regret her decision as she sat in the main hall of the Prince Hao Residence. I shouldn’t have given in and promised him. Look what has happened. He’s off to work as soon as morning arrives, refreshed as can be. Meanwhile, the area between my legs is aching so much.


Heaven is unfair. Why are men’s bodies built to be so strong, while women’s are soft and unable to bear vigorous movements?


All of a sudden, Yu Xiao dashed in with an agitated expression. “Princess Consort, please tell me the truth. Has Prince Yun really died?”


Noticing his appearance, Su Xi-er remembered something he had once said. 


“I want to kill Prince Yun with an arrow in his heart, and I have been practising to do it all this time.” 


But now, Yun Ruofeng is already no longer in this world.


“Tell me, is Prince Yun dead? I didn’t even hear anything, but he died just like that!” Yu Xiao grew increasingly agitated. I have trained so hard in my archery skills, only to find out that Yun Ruofeng is already dead! He was indignant!


Su Xi-er nodded. “Yu Xiao, Prince Yun fell from an extremely tall cliff, and into a forest filled with wolves, jackals, and tigers. There is no way that he’s survived.”

“He is dead, just like that...” Yu Xiao furrowed his eyebrows, his fists tightly clenched. I didn’t get to use the Heart-Penetrating Arrow I practised for so long, and Yun Ruofeng died so easily! Even if nothing remains of him, that’s still too good of a death. Big Brother died tragically, and now, I can’t even obtain justice for him!

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