Naturally, Su Xi-er knew what medical book he was talking about, prompting her to smack his forehead. “I see that you have already studied it very thoroughly. You’re not allowed to read it again; I’m confiscating it.” Her gaze was strict, as if she was the one in control.


Yuchi Mo had just reached the entrance of the main hall when he happened to chance upon this scene, his eyes growing wide in astonishment. The wedding was only yesterday, yet Princess Consort Hao is already managing Prince Hao. Despite that, Prince Hao’s expression is not only natural, but it looks like he’s also trying his best to please her. I’ve… never seen Prince Hao like this!


It seems like men will change after getting married. Even the wise and heroic Prince Hao has changed!


Pei Qianhao shifted his gaze to Yuchi Mo, signalling for him to come in. When Su Xi-er heard the footsteps behind her, she immediately pushed Pei Qianhao away to stand at the side. I have to let him maintain some of his reputation in front of outsiders, especially his subordinates.


“This Prince orders you to pass on my verbal edict for the Third Imperial Prince to head to Moon County[1] and assist Lord Shui in its management.”


Yuchi Mo was bewildered. Why is he suddenly transferring the Third Imperial Prince away? However, he didn’t dare to ask out loud. “This subordinate obeys the order.”


“Also, take a group of Imperial Army guards to scour every single desolate and faraway rural county. This Prince also orders you to summon the Second Imperial Prince to the capital as soon as possible.”


Yuchi Mo was surprised. The Second Imperial Prince carefreely wanders around, and doesn’t settle down in any one fixed location. It’s going to be challenging to find him, but at least it’s much simpler compared to investigating Princess Consort Hao’s background. Hence, he immediately bowed. “This subordinate will get to it now.” He then turned on his heels, vanishing from the main hall in an instant.


In the main hall, Pei Qianhao circled his hand around Su Xi-er’s waist. “Let’s return to the room; it’s warm in there.”


Su Xi-er refused, “I’ve just come out from the room to get some fresh air. Let’s not hurry back.” Who knows if he’ll make a move as soon as we return to the room? We’ve already made love twice today, and both times lasted for quite a bit. My waist is going to ache if this goes on.


“I heard about your heroic aura on the battlefield, but why are you cowering on the bed?” Pei Qianhao whispered into her ear and softly chuckled.


Su Xi-er glanced at him. How can being in bed compare to a battlefield? My body is clearly frailer than his, and I can only admit defeat under his attack. He’s only tasted sweetness for the first time, and he’s already saying such shameless things that any woman would be embarrassed.


Su Xi-er suddenly smiled sweetly, hooking her arms around his neck and standing on her toes to kiss him on the lips. Before he could counterattack, however, she had already pulled away, leaving him awkwardly hanging.


“Prince Hao, you have offended me. You’re not allowed to touch me within seven days.” Su Xi-er harrumphed before heading to the backyard.


Pei Qianhao’s expression was gloomy. How can I not touch her for seven days?! A woman’s heart is unfathomable, like trying to find a needle in the depths of the ocean. I can’t just go along with everything she says, especially when just a minor slip results in a penalty of seven days! I haven’t done anything like doing the deed in the woods either, so how is it fair for her to deal out such a heavy punishment?


However, just as Pei Qianhao was about to catch up with Su Xi-er, a guard suddenly arrived with a report.


Hearing his words, Pei Qianhao nodded and looked in the direction of the backyard. I’ll deal with this matter when I come back at night. I must fulfil the role of a husband.


Following behind Prince Hao, the guard quickly had a horse carriage prepared for Pei Qianhao to enter the imperial palace. 




The imperial palace, Consort Dowager Guo’s repose palace


“Prince Hao has arrived.” A eunuch announced. Consort Dowager Guo immediately dismissed her palace maids and personally poured a cup of tea for Pei Qianhao before placing it on the table beside the lower seat.

1. The raws said ‘Water County’, but from my memory, it was ‘Moon County’. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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