The guard waiting outside the flower field was left bewildered when he noticed Su Xi-er’s expression. The Princess Consort had a placid expression when she entered the flower field, but her eyes look charming and misty now that she has come out. What exactly did these two people do inside?


“Return to the Prince Hao Residence.” The harsh tone jerked the guard out of his thoughts.


No longer hesitating, the guard leapt onto the carriage and raised the horsewhip, starting to drive in the direction of the Prince Hao Residence.


The capital was still immersed in the festive atmosphere from the wedding, and the red silk hung on the door of each house would only be taken down when it rained.


“Princess Consort Hao must have been tormented yesterday. You have to remember that Prince Hao endured for 25 years. How could he not be as ferocious as a tiger during his first time touching a woman?!”


“Exactly! No one would have expected it to be Prince Hao’s first time. It looks like the numerous women he took into the Beauty Palace in the past must have just been decorations.”


“I don’t understand Prince Hao’s thoughts. It’s his first time tasting sweetness for the first time in 25 years. I’m afraid that in the future…” Many civilians heartily laughed at that.


Just like what the commoners had said, Su Xi-er had been tossed about a lot, but the stab wound on her arm had recovered very quickly after applying the Lingrui flower powder. After they had finished their lunch, Pei Qianhao led her to take an afternoon nap, only to go through another round of play which even included two positions. In the end, her entire face was flushed red.


Wu Ling returned to the main hall of the Prince Hao Residence at 6.30 pm. “Reporting to Prince Hao, we didn’t find Prince Yun’s body below the cliff. The woods below were filled with many jackals and wolves. Falling from that height must have resulted in a bloody scene that attracted the nearby wild beasts to feed on the body.”


It’s rather tragic for the once glorious Prince Yun to die without an intact corpse.


“Scour the area thoroughly for three days. If you still can’t find the body, withdraw all the soldiers and don’t pursue the matter any further. Make sure to keep this matter under wraps.” Pei Qianhao ordered in a deep voice as he waved his hand.


“Prince Hao, this subordinate obeys the order. I would also like to report that Commandery Prince Xie’s matter has been dealt with. Should we set more roadblocks to hold him back?”


A piercing ray shot out from Pei Qianahao’s eyes. “It’s about time Xie Yun can come back. You don’t have to stall him.”


“This subordinate obeys the order.” Wu Ling then turned around, preparing to walk out of the main hall, but was stopped by Pei Qianhao.


“Instruct Yuchi Mo to enter the prince residence. This Prince has some work for him.”


“This subordinate will let him know immediately.” Wu Ling then swiftly left the residence.


On his way out, he coincidentally bumped into Ruo Yuan, but didn’t stop to greet her due to the urgency of his previous orders.


Ruo Yuan could only feel a gust of wind blow past her. I had originally wanted to bow and greet him, but Commander Wu hastily walked past, not even sparing me a glance. Is it because he is in a rush, or because he no longer remembers me? After all, I’m just a lowly plump lass.


Pei Qianhao was drinking tea while waiting for Yuchi Mo, but he didn’t expect Su Xi-er to leave the room and come to the main hall. Looks like I didn’t work hard this afternoon; she recovered her strength so quickly.


He had let her sleep for 2 hours before tossing around with her over and over again for another four. Finally, she had closed her eyes and fell into a deep slumber.


Su Xi-er’s body was exuding an alluring aura, and her expression was one that resembled the flowers in spring. When she walked to his side, he felt as if a gentle breeze had drifted by. The feminine fragrance that suffused the breeze caused his heart to palpitate.


Hence, Pei Qianhao embraced her again. “Are you sure you have rested well? After we have our dinner, we…”


Su Xi-er slapped him. “No way, definitely not tonight. How is there someone like you who keeps at it day and night?”


“Xi-er, this Prince should let you take a look at that medical book. This Prince’s behaviour is very normal.”

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