“That’s why you want to kiss me here?” Su Xi-er pressed her hands against his chest, already suspecting that this wasn’t his only objective. At the same time, the sash around her waist fell to the ground.


A low chuckle escaped from Pei Qianhao’s throat. He moved closer to her, allowing her to feel his warm breath beside her ear. “What do you think this Prince wants to do?” His hand continued roaming around her waist, as if it was about to slip inside.


Su Xi-er grabbed his hand. “We’re outside; you’re not allowed to mess around. Yesterday was already enough.”


“Don’t worry, no one will dare to come in. This Prince knows that part of your body has recovered.” Pei Qianhao said that deadpan.


Su Xi-er didn’t know how to reply when he spoke without the slightest sign of embarrassment. Just as she was wondering how to reject him, he had already started acting. Thus, she could only surrender under his vigorous movements.


The passing wind caused the trees to make a rustling sound as the tree trunk shook, and a coquettish voice could be heard. Surrounded by the vast empty flower field, nobody could hear them. 


It was unclear how much time had passed before it was finally quiet, with a woman’s voice fading away with a faint moan. The petite woman’s face was already flushed red, her slightly narrowed eyes flickering with a renewed splendour. It was enough to light a fire in anyone’s heart, and the man in front of her was no exception. He couldn’t help but start moving again before finally calming down.


Two hours later, Su Xi-er looked at Pei Qianhao with a coquettish gaze after tidying up her dress. “You really don’t know how to be embarrassed!”


Her shy words elicited a soft chuckle from Pei Qianhao. “We’re already married; why do we have to be embarrassed? This Prince has never known how to write the word ‘embarrassed’.”


Su Xi-er harrumphed and repeated herself. “You really don’t know how to be embarrassed. We’re in the woods right now, yet you treated it as a bed. Don’t dream of getting your way in the future.” Although she was bold and strong-willed, she was extremely bashful when it came to this aspect.


She turned around and left as soon as she finished speaking, doing her best to ignore him.


Seeing her solemn expression, Pei Qianhao understood that she was feeling embarrassed, and went forward to hold her hand. “This Prince promises you that we’ll only do it in a room in the future, alright?”


This matter has to be done slowly; it can’t be rushed. She’ll eventually get used to it one day.


“Swear it.” Su Xi-er stopped in her tracks, her face full of distrust.


In order to please her, Pei Qianhao could only earnestly swear. “This Prince will only make love in a room. If I fail to do so, you can punish this Prince to not touch you for seven days.”


For a robust man who had endured 25 years, it would be considered normal for him to enjoy lovemaking every night after marrying the woman he loved. Not touching her for seven days would be more painful than having his flesh cut out, so it was a heavy oath for him.


Seeing his earnest expression, Su Xi-er decided to believe him for now. “Use less strength next time. You were so fast that you couldn’t even be stopped.”


“We’ll do whatever you say.” Noticing her expression calming down, he reached out his right hand to hug her waist.


Not bad. I have already eaten today, but I can feed her until she’s full and eat her again tonight. Pei Qianhao had a brief pause, not knowing what was wrong with himself. Ever since the first time they had done the deed, he couldn’t help but think about it whenever he saw her. It was just that for someone with as much pride as him, there was no way he would admit it.


Rather than trying to explain in words, Pei Qianhao felt it better to prove himself through his actions.


Pei Qianhao coaxed Su Xi-er for a while more before they left the woods. When they approached the flower field, he carried her up the horse carriage.

After this incident, a certain arrogant prince had learnt a lesson: my princess consort likes it when I speak sweet words. I just have to coax her properly, and then I’ll be able to obtain some benefits in return.

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