When they had visited Nanzhao’s Shui Residence, they had discovered that Shui Yinglian’s mother had successfully transplanted the Lingrui flower, albeit in a small area. If Pei Qianhao could emulate her accomplishment on a grand scale like this, it wouldn’t be just Beimin’s people who would be left astonished.


“Let this Prince take you there to have a look.” Pei Qianhao held her hand as they walked to the entrance of the flower field where the guard was waiting.


The soil in the empty plot of land was being guarded, and Su Xi-er’s eyes widened when she saw it up close. “Where did you find this soil?” She understood that the soil was not native to Beimin. How much effort must have been invested into transporting so much soil?!


“There’s naturally a way, and it’s thanks to your imperial younger brother. Feng Changqing is also not bad; he’s quite knowledgeable on water quality.” A look of approval emerged in Pei Qianhao’s eyes for a moment before he led her to continue walking forward.


This time, he walked straight into the verdant woods where the howling wind was blocked by the dense grove of trees.


Su Xi-er surveyed her surroundings and realised that the trees were the type that would remain lush throughout the four seasons, so she couldn’t help but ask, “Why did you bring me here?”


Pei Qianhao laid his hands on her shoulders and gazed deeply into her eyes. “This place is still within the capital, yet we can still retain a moment of peace amongst the bustle of the city. I know that you like to live simply. When we have grown old, we can build a few bamboo houses so that it’ll be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Wouldn’t that be amazing?”


He has already planned so far ahead. Although Pei Qianhao hadn’t put everything on the table, Su Xi-er understood that Situ Lin would need a powerful minister to assist him in the future when he took the imperial throne.


Staying here allows us to enjoy life, as well as be prepared in case he’s suddenly needed in court. Su Xi-er’s eyes were full of admiration. It is Beimin’s fortune to have an official who is willing to go so far.


“What’s wrong? You don’t like it? This place was specially…”


Su Xi-er pressed her finger to his lips. “I’m happy with whatever you do, and this place indeed suits my tastes. Not only can we watch the sun rise and set in the future, but we can even ride boats and fish in the nearby Merchant River.”


Seeing her smile and cherry red lips, Pei Qianhao couldn’t help but teasingly kiss the finger that was held against his mouth.


Feeling the warmth on her finger, Su Xi-er blushed as she immediately tried to retract her hand. Before she could do so, however, he had already grabbed it.


Raising her head and looking into his bottomless black pupils, she could sense a dangerous spark of fire lighting up in his eyes.


“Pei Qianhao! You…” In her nervousness, Su Xi-er involuntarily shouted his full name. That spark of fire...and we’re currently in the woods...


“Princess Consort, what’s wrong with this Prince?” Pei Qianhao’s other hand suddenly wandered to her waist, pushing her against a tree trunk.


Su Xi-er raised her head and saw a teasing look flicker past his eyes, instantly confirming her theory. He…


“Xi-er, is this scene familiar? The first time we met was also in the woods, but we were in the Palace Side Quarters back then.” Pei Qianhao smiled at that memory. “Where did you get so much courage to knock this Prince out?”


He lowered his head to face her as their noses touched, keeping their eyes level as their auras intertwined.


“Xi-er.” He softly called, his hand slowly pulling her sash out from around her waist.


Su Xi-er’s pupils constricted for a moment. “We’re in the woods. Don’t mess around.”


“The first time this Prince kissed you was in the woods, and it was also my first time kissing a woman. Don’t you think it was arranged by the heavens?” Despite having never kissed a woman, I was so inebriated that night that I forcefully did so with her.


Regardless of whether it was coincidence or providence, we were fated to meet.

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