“Yinyin, I’m sorry. I will deal with Fang Lingdang.” Ning Lianchen reassured her as he massaged her arm.


His attempts didn’t work on Liu Yinyin, and she shook him off. “It doesn’t hurt anymore. Only a small mark remains. Don’t shed crocodile tears.”


Ning Lianchen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at her reaction, only gently rapping her on the head. “Mischievous.”


“Don’t get fresh with me. I’m still angry!” Liu Yinyin turned away from Ning Lianchen, not ready to forgive him yet.


“Yinyin, don’t be angry. When we return to Nanzhao, why don’t I take you out of the palace when I’m free?” Ning Lianchen initially wanted to distance himself from Liu Yinyin, but he figured that now wasn’t the best time after finding out how much she had suffered.


Liu Yinyin immediately turned around, and happened to see Ning Lianchen’s slightly red lips. The shape of his lips looks very nice; they look like sweets. Suddenly, a mischievous idea came to her, and she swiftly stood up before hooking her arms around his neck.


This time, Ning Lianchen didn’t push her away, thinking that she only wanted to hug like they had in the past. Children want to be comforted after suffering such grievances. I would do the same with Imperial Elder Sister as a child.


However, Liu Yinyin didn’t simply want a hug. Seeing that Ning Lianchen didn’t refuse her, she assumed that he had agreed. I want to eat sweets today! His lips are so beautiful that it looks like you can pinch water out of them. Has Fang Lingdang eaten them before?


Upon thinking about that, Liu Yinyin became irate once again. I want to get rid of Fang Lingdang’s scent! Brimming with courage, she suddenly raised her head and nimbly captured those lips.


Their lips met, one warm, and the other slightly cold. In the brief instant that they were in contact, Ning Lianchen’s eyes widened as he felt his lips warm up.


The next instant, he pushed her away. At the same time, the horse carriage jolted, forcing him to grab her again in fear that she would fall.


Thus, Liu Yinyin went on the attack once more, sucking and biting his lips, even slipping her tongue into his mouth at the end.


Once the horse carriage became steady, Ning Lianchen pushed her away and held her down by her shoulders, a solemn look sweeping through his eyes. “Liu Yinyin!” His imposing imperial aura was on full display.


Frightened to the point that she shivered, Liu Yinyin cautiously looked at him. “What’s the matter?”


“Stay further away from me in the future! If you do this again, I really will leave you to fend for yourself!” Ning Lianchen released her right after that. To think that I was kissed by a 10-year-old girl, and it was my first kiss at that.


Terrified by his bellowing, Liu Yinyin lowered her head and murmured, “I won’t dare to do it again.” Only sweets that are hard to obtain are delicious. I have remembered this taste.


The guards beside the carriage felt their eyelids twitching in fright before sighing the next moment. Miss Yinyin is too mischievous. She’s always the reason for His Majesty flying into a rage. Sigh, Miss Yinyin must be someone sent by Heaven to punish His Majesty.




In contrast to the chaotic episode in the horse carriage, there was a much cosier atmosphere between Su Xi-er and Pei Qianhao. Despite this, there was a hint of gloominess to the scene.


Su Xi-er was still thinking about Ning Lianchen, wondering how long it would take before she could see him again. Yun Ruofeng’s death will definitely elicit a tumultuous upheaval, and cause much unrest in Nanzhao. Furthermore, we can’t announce the real cause of his death. It can only be said that he unexpectedly died while staying in his residence.


“You’re still thinking about Ning Lianchen?” Pei Qianhao pressed his forehead against hers as he embraced her.


Su Xi-er nodded. “There’s still two more years before he comes of age. Right now…”


“This Prince lost my parents when I was seven, becoming a vagabond until I entered the Pei Residence. I joined the army when I was 10, went onto the battlefields when I was 13, managed the soldiers when I was 15, became the lead general when I was 17, and shot to fame with one battle when I was 18. Similarly, Ning Lianchen is no longer a child.”

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