Su Xi-er was very clear about how formidable Pei Qianhao's elite soldiers were. Their reputation was known far and wide after emerging victorious numerous times against seemingly insurmountable odds. Any country would become terrified at the mention of his elite soldiers, further propagating the rumours of Pei Qianhao being cold, heartless, ruthless, and bloodthirsty.


"Lianchen, be careful with what you do. I will help Nanzhao in other aspects." Su Xi-er reassured him with a smile before reaching out her right hand curled into a fist.


The siblings would always do this whenever they faced challenges. Understanding her intention with one glance, Ning Lianchen reached out his left hand and wrapped it around Su Xi-er’s fist. The two of them smiled at each other knowingly and simultaneously said, “Work hard.”


Such tacit understanding made Pei Qianhao extremely displeased. But Ning Lianchen is my younger brother-in-law, as well as my wife’s only family. Despite knowing that I shouldn’t be displeased, I can’t help but do so!


Noticing Pei Qianhao’s expression Ning Lianchen immediately retracted his hand and told him, “Entrusting Imperial Elder Sister to you puts me at ease.” He then walked to Liu Yinyin and reached out his arm. “Come here.”


Liu Yinyin was still in a fit of anger, but when she saw his foul expression and the row of Nanzhao’s soldiers in the distance, she understood that she couldn’t go against him here and disrespect the imperial authority.


Thus, Liu Yinyin obediently walked forward and took his hand, boarding the horse carriage with him.


When the horse carriage began moving, Liu Yinyin suddenly lifted the window curtains and waved at Su Xi-er. “Fairy Elder Sister, you must come to Nanzhao when you are free. Otherwise, I will be bullied by Fang Lingdang!”


Right after she finished shouting, Ning Lianchen pulled her back in. “Fang Lingdang is gentle and polite. How could she possibly bully you; more people would believe it’s the other way around.”


Hearing him speak up for Fang Lingdang, Liu Yinyin’s anger rose to the surface again. “You only talk about her strengths and you always think about her. I am chased out of your repose palace whenever I try to go in, while she can openly enter and stay for a few nights!”


Ning Lianchen naturally had his reasons for chasing her out. This lass would climb onto my bed, but Fang Lingdang at least abided by the rules. Besides that, she’s also being used to restrict Imperial Physician Fang, and would always rest on the couch in the side hall.


However, now that Yun Ruofeng is dead, there is no longer a need to keep Fang Lingdang in my repose palace; I’ll have someone send her away once the matters of the court have stabilised.


“Why are you not saying anything? That’s because you have nothing to say. I’ll show you!” Liu Yinyin rolled up her sleeve, revealing a mark on her elbow. “This mark was left when Fang Lingdang pinched my arm; it was so painful, and I still have this mark even now! Yet, when I came to your repose palace recently, you chased me out without any reason.” Liu Yinyin was already on the verge of tears towards the end.


Ning Lianchen stared at the clear mark on her arm in a daze, his brows furrowing while Liu Yinyin continued to speak.


“I had heard that you were in the study when I slipped into your repose palace, so I went to check on you. When I got there though, Fang Lingdang was helping you grind the inkstick, and I felt unhappy. That was why I slipped into your inner chambers to wait for you. Even after all that, you threw me out as soon as you came in. Afterwards, the guards also chased me away.” Liu Yinyin would never forget the smugness that had flitted across Fang Lingdang’s eyes.


That woman is a wolf in sheep’s clothing! Having suffered such grievances, Liu Yinyin had decided not to mention them to Ling Nianchen despite her anger.


Ning Lianchen reached out his hand and caressed the mark. “You should have said something when I threw you out, yet you still didn’t say anything during these few days in Beimin.”


“Did you give me a chance to say anything?” Liu Yinyin’s eyes were a little swollen from crying, causing Ning Lianchen’s heart to ache.

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