Every word was harsh, especially the last sentence, which made Liu Yinyin’s face go pale. She helplessly looked at Ning Lianchen, feeling wronged. “I don’t want you to raise me forever. Once I am 15, I will leave the palace and find my own way of survival.”


Pei Qianhao commented, “You have quite a bit of backbone to do that.”


“Don’t join in.” Su Xi-er pinched his waist. Why is he so talkative today?


Pei Qianhao lowered his head and smiled at her, lowering his voice. “This lass Yinyin is interesting. In this Prince’s opinion, there may be some chance between her and your Imperial Younger Brother in the future.”


“I see that you really have nothing better to do since you can think about others’ trivial matters.” Su Xi-er chided him as she pinched him again. A while ago he was talking about matching Ruo Yuan and Wu Ling, and now he’s saying that there’s a chance for Yinyin and Lianchen to get together. Such a thing will depend solely on them.


A glint flickered across Pei Qianhao’s eyes as he hushed his voice even further, almost touching his lips to her ears as he spoke. “How can you say that this Prince has nothing to do? Isn’t getting above you counted?”


To think that he can talk about such unbridled things so naturally. Su Xi-er didn’t know how to reply, so she could only glare at him. “Your mouth is full of nonsense.”


Seeing her flustered appearance, Pei Qianhao was reminded of their nuptial night. That medical book is really accurate. As long as you understand the method and use the correct amount of force, a married couple’s life will definitely be harmonious. I should reward Imperial Physician Zhao for giving me such a good book.


In contrast to their warm bickering, the atmosphere on the other side of the carriage was akin to a fierce storm.


Liu Yinyin ignored Ning Lianchen, scooting over until she was as far as she could be from him. Meanwhile, Ning Lianchen allowed her to do as she pleased. I can’t spoil her too much, otherwise, she’ll lose all sense of propriety and forget her manners. Just look at what has happened after letting her go for just a short while; anything can come out of her mouth!


When we return to Nanzhao, I have to make sure to distance myself from her so that she won’t keep thinking about nonsensical and useless things.


The horse carriage soon reached the suburban area after passing the capital’s gates, and the time for separation was fast arriving.


Su Xi-er’s attempt to stop Pei Qianhao was futile as he carried her off the carriage bridal style in front of Ning Lianchen. “After such a long bumpy ride, do you feel uncomfortable?”


“How could I be that weak?” Su Xi-er cast a sidelong glance with him, her heart suffused with warmth.


Suddenly, Liu Yinyin said from inside the horse carriage. “I’ll get down by myself.” She lifted the door curtain and stepped out without hesitation.


However, before she could jump down, she ended up losing her balance. She pitched forward, and closed her eyes in fright as the sight of the ground rapidly closed in.


In the blink of an eye, an arm reached out from behind the curtain, and Ning Lianchen pulled her back in the nick of time before bringing her off the carriage.


Gazing at the handsome face that was magnified before her eyes, Liu Yinyin’s heart skipped a bit before she pushed him away. Liu Yinyin suddenly felt as if her heart had never thumped so wildly before. Could I be ill? I have to find an imperial physician to take a look for me when we return to Nanzhao, but it can’t be Imperial Physician Fang!


After dismissing the soldiers and guards, Ning Lianchen walked to Su Xi-er with a trace of a smile on his lips. “I’m leaving now, but I will return once I have stabilised the matters of the court.”


“This Prince will secretly dispatch 800 soldiers to aid you in your endeavours.”

“Many thanks, Prince Hao; your 800 elite soldiers can compare to the strength of more than 10,000 soldiers. I will only use them as a last resort.” Ning Lianchen calmly stated. It’d be best if I can smoothly reclaim Yun Ruofeng’s remaining military power and sacrificial soldiers without losing anyone.

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