Pei Qianhao didn’t board the horse carriage right away, choosing to stay off to the side. “Your Majesty, please board the horse carriage first.” We must show proper hospitality as the host nation; even if that wasn’t the case, Ning Lianchen is my younger brother-in-law. How can I let him board after me?


At the same time, Ning Lianchen understood Pei Qianhao’s intentions. As such, he only gave a slight smile before lifting the carriage’s curtain and boarding. Only after he was seated did Pei Qianhao himself board.


After everyone had taken their seats, the guard driving the carriage cracked the horsewhip, and the carriage headed for the capital gate with Nanzhao’s soldiers following behind. As commoners began to gather beside the procession, knowing that the carriage belonged to Nanzhao’s Emperor.


There was only one carriage when Nanzhao’s Emperor came to Beimin, but now there are two. Some quick-witted civilians boldly speculated, “Could the spacious horse carriage in front belong to Prince Hao?”


Unlike the horse carriages from the Commandery Prince Residence, the ones from the Prince Hao Residence didn’t carry any sort of marking. Thus, everyone was only able to guess.


Inside the horse carriage, Liu Yinyin kept surveying her surroundings until she finally detected something amiss with Pei Qianhao’s expression. She immediately stood up, wanting to sit beside Ning Lianchen.


Afraid that she would fall down, Ning Lianchen reached out his arm to carry her over and place her on the seat beside him. “Why did you suddenly stand up for no reason?”


“The seat beside Fairy Elder Sister should be reserved for her husband. I’m giving my seat to him.” Liu Yinyin giggled.


It was simple enough, but Ning Lianchen interpreted her words in another way. That is to say, the one sitting beside her should be her husband. Ning Lianchen’s heart sank. Even if Yinyin is only 10, I should still keep a certain distance from her. If she continues clinging to me when she comes of age, how is she going to marry? Besides, doing so is also harmful for her reputation.


Realising that Ning Lianchen was silent, Liu Yinyin immediately grabbed his hand and tilted her head as she asked, “Why are you suddenly unhappy? Did I say something wrong?”


Before he could answer, Pei Qianhao spoke out instead. “You didn’t.” Only I can take the seat beside Xi-er.


Su Xi-er tugged at Pei Qianhao and lowered her voice. “Don’t be so cold when you speak; you’ll scare Yinyin.” He can be cold to others, but Lianchen and Yinyin are close to me. I hope he can stop being so cold in front of them.


Pei Qianhao reached out his hand and pulled her to his side, tightly hugging her before lowering his lips to her ears and whispering, “Xi-er, this Prince is unable to change my personality. I can only act warmly towards you, but I can try my best to improve.”


Su Xi-er stared at him. I can’t force him, just like how he doesn’t force me.


Sitting on the other side, Liu Yinyin became excited after witnessing the scene between them. She laughed to herself before imitating their actions with Ning Lianchen, doing it quickly enough such that he couldn’t dodge away. Hugging him around his waist, she moved upwards to whisper in his ear. “Did I imitate it well? I find that Fairy Elder Sister seems to quite like being embraced by others. Do you like it too?”


Ning Lianchen’s originally gentle face immediately darkened. What on earth is going on in this girl’s brain?!


Unlike Ning Lianchen’s dark expression, Pei Qianhao heartily laughed and teased, “This Prince thinks that Yinyin learnt it quite well. Your Majesty is lucky.”


The cold aura surrounding Pei Qianhao had dissipated significantly, prompting the corners of Su Xi-er’s mouth to rise.


Ning Lianchen was still wearing a stormy expression as he used both hands to remove Liu Yinyin’s grasp. “Sit properly. If you don’t behave like a proper lady, how are you going to find someone to marry in the future? Do you think that I will continue raising you for your entire life?”

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