Soon, a horse carriage from the Prince Hao Residence set off for the posthouse. Along the way, Ning Lianchen used this final chance to constantly observe Pei Qianhao, no longer trying to hide it. He noticed that Pei Qianhao’s hand never left Su Xi-er’s, and when the ride became a little bumpy, he asked Su Xi-er if she had hurt herself and almost tried to carry her onto his lap.


Ning Lianchen silently took in everything, only stopping when they reached the posthouse.


Detecting Ning Lianchen’s change, Pei Qianhao confirmed that his younger brother-in-law had finally given his trust.


Outside the entrance of the posthouse was an ordinary horse carriage with Nanzhao’s soldiers orderly lined up beside it. It was the exact same simple carriage Ning Lianchen had arrived in.


Hearing the movement from outside the carriage, Liu Yinyin lifted the curtain of the window and waved to Ning Lianchen. “I have been waiting for you for such a long time.”


Su Xi-er looked towards Pei Qianhao. “Is it alright if we see them off until they reach the suburbs?”


“As you wish.” Pei Qianhao indifferently replied before turning his attention to the nondescript horse carriage. It’s a bit tight for four people.


Hence, Pei Qianhao proposed, “Your Majesty, why don’t you ride this Prince’s horse carriage together with me until the suburbs?”


Liu Yinyin pouted. “I also want to sit with you two.”


Su Xi-er laughed. “Alright, we’ll sit together then.”


Only then did Liu Yinyin cheerfully laugh. She immediately lifted the door curtain and bent her knees, preparing to leap down from the carriage. However, it was still likely that she would only end up falling down with how young she was.


Just as she was about to jump, Ning Lianchen swiftly dashed to the side of the carriage, reaching out his arm to carry Liu Yinyin down.


Su Xi-er was silently watching the scene when she heard Pei Qianhao’s deep voice. “I couldn’t tell that your Imperial Younger Brother excels at taking care of little girls.”


Liu Yinyin pouted as she carelessly swatted at Ning Lianchen. “Don’t always carry me down. I’m not a child; I have grown up!” She purposely stressed the words ‘grown up’, very unhappy about Ning Lianchen constantly treating her as a child.


“When a girl grows up, her period will come. You can start saying that you’re grown up after that happens.” Ning Lianchen solemnly and plainly stated.


Liu Yinyin was baffled. What is a period? I must study this properly when I return to Nanzhao.


Pei Qianhao couldn’t help but lower his head when he heard Ning Lianchen’s words, whispering to Su Xi-er. “Your Imperial Younger Brother’s method of educating children is rather special.”


His tone was slightly teasing, and Su Xi-er glared at him. “Your mouth is getting increasingly eloquent.”


However, even though Pei Qianhao had lowered his voice, Liu Yinyin was very sensitive to the word ‘children’. Despite hearing nothing else, she easily identified that specific word.


Thus, Liu Yinyin broke free of Ning Lianchen and strode to Pei Qianhao, raising her head to glare at him. “Who are you calling a child?!”


Despite being aware of Pei Qianhao’s status, Liu Yinyin was too livid to care, her young age doing nothing to aid her reckless courage.


Pei Qianhao laughed. “Who else but you?”


Liu Yinyin puffed out her chest. “Try saying that one more time!”


Su Xi-er tugged at Pei Qianhao’s sleeve. “Don’t frighten Yinyin.” She then bent down to stroke Liu Yinyin’s head. “Yinyin, you will eventually grow up one day. Only when you are sensible will you not be called a child.”


Liu Yinyin immediately smiled. “Fairy Elder Sister is still the best. Let’s get onto the carriage.” She then immediately pulled Su Xi-er towards the carriage from the Prince Hao Residence.


Pei Qianhao looked at Ning Lianchen and couldn’t help but comment, “Taking care of a child is quite hard.”


“I wasn’t used to it in the past, and only thought it to be a bother. Now, it feels like I’ve gotten used to it. We should just let everything take its course.” Ning Lianchen then gestured at Pei Qianhao. “Prince Hao, please board the horse carriage.”

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