Ning Lianchen wore a solemn expression. “Prince Hao, I will take what you have said to heart.” He then looked towards Su Xi-er again. “Imperial Elder Sister, you don’t have to worry about Nanzhao. I have already grown up, and I’m no longer that mischievous child.”


Su Xi-er stared at him. Even though the burden on his shoulders is so great, he’s trying to act casually so that I won’t worry. Her heart ached as she raised her hand to pat his head, her tone affectionate when she spoke again. “Lianchen, you have grown up.”


A disconsolate feeling also crept into Ning Lianchen’s heart. We haven’t met in such a long time, yet we have to part again. “Imperial Elder Sister, I’ll only rest assured when I can see your happiness.” Disregarding Pei Qianhao, he grasped Su Xi-er’s hand and walked over to the former.


Ning Lianchen laughed before pulling Pei Qianhao’s hand and placing it on Su Xi-er’s hand. “Prince Hao, she’s my only family in this world. She is my most respected and loved Imperial Elder Sister, and I will entrust her to you in this lifetime. You must treat her well, or else, I’ll be bringing her back to Nanzhao.”


Watching their entwined hands, Ning Lianchen felt that Su Xi-er’s happiness was his own.


Pei Qianhao pulled Su Xi-er to his side with an earnest look. “This Prince won’t give you that chance.”


“I am even more reassured now that I have received your promise. Imperial Elder Sister has a different personality than most other women, so I hope that you can yield a bit to her whenever you can, Prince Hao. It would be even better if you can always think of her first before you make any decision.” As Ning Lianchen was much more familiar with Su Xi-er, he made sure to give Pei Qianhao some advice before he left.


Pei Qianhao turned to look at Su Xi-er, playfulness flickering across his eyes. “This Prince has deeply experienced this personality of yours.”


He laughed in a confident or perhaps, arrogant manner. “This Prince is the only one in this world who can bear your Imperial Elder Sister’s personality. Perhaps only strong men can match her, but this Prince is honoured to have Nanzhao’s Eldest Imperial Princess.”


Su Xi-er was extremely touched. His honest words caused a sour feeling to well up in her heart, and her eyes became uncontrollably wet.


Pei Qianhao immediately helped her wipe her tears away. “You’re ugly when you cry. This Prince doesn’t want you anymore.”


“You dare?” The corners of Su Xi-er’s mouth rose.


She was clearly laughing, but tears were falling from her eyes. Once again, Pei Qianhao truly felt that women’s hearts were unfathomable to be able to cry and smile at the same time. “You’re right; this Prince indeed doesn’t dare.”


Ning Lianchen was practically beaming. He hadn’t expected Pei Qianhao’s true character to be so indulgent. Rumours have it that Prince Hao is cold, heartless, ruthless, and bloodthirsty. But in my eyes, Prince Hao is the most sincere and straightforward.


“Imperial Elder Sister, I have to go now.” Ning Lianchen stowed away the reluctant look on his face as he spoke. Even though separation is painful, all good things come to an end, and the time for goodbye will eventually come. Without separation, the joy of reunion would also cease to exist.


“Lianchen, I’ll see you off.” Su Xi-er immediately felt someone pull on her hand, so she added, “Prince Hao, let’s see Lianchen off together.”


Pei Qianhao was no longer displeased as he nodded at her. “Let’s go together.” He then instructed the guards to prepare a horse carriage.

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