Pei Qianhao stood up and turned around, and couldn’t help but comment when he saw Ruo Yuan’s current appearance. “Plump lass is a little silly, but rather cute. Why doesn’t this Prince make the decision to match her with Wu Ling today?”


“You like being a matchmaker now?” Su Xi-er stood up and cast a sidelong glance at him before instructing Ruo Yuan, “Bring the teapot in.”


Ruo Yuan immediately opened her eyes, but cowered a little upon seeing Pei Qianhao, and only went in after Hong Li gave her a push.


“Princess Consort, the tea is here. Let this servant help you pour some.”


“It’s fine Ruo Yuan, I can do it on my own. Besides, you don’t have to be so formal in front of Prince Hao.” Su Xi-er smilingly said.


Ruo Yuan was stunned for a moment, but quickly returned to normal and flashed a foolish smile. “Formalities are still necessary. This servant understands this after staying in the palace for so many years.”


Her servile character that developed over so many years won’t change overnight. Su Xi-er made no further remarks before turning to Pei Qianhao. “You don’t have to enter the palace today?”


“This Prince just had my wedding yesterday, and I already have to enter the palace?” Pei Qianhao’s voice was playful as he raised a hand to tuck a few loose strands of hair behind her ears.


The wedding was just yesterday; of course I have to accompany the beautiful bride. Other matters can wait after I coax her to sleep.


Hong Li was more quick-witted and immediately said, “According to Beimin’s customs, apart from the Emperor, others can rest at home the day after their wedding.” The knowledge I’ve gotten from reading books has finally come in handy.


Su Xi-er couldn’t help but think, There are many differences between the customs of Beimin and Nanzhao, with some of them being complete opposites. For example, everybody must attend the court assembly the day after a wedding in Nanzhao.


It was at this moment that a guard came into the room to report. “Prince Hao, Nanzhao’s Emperor is outside the residence, and is requesting for an audience.”


Su Xi-er’s face lit up in joy when she heard that Ning Lianchen had come. I no longer have to suppress my joy now that Pei Qianhao already knows about my previous identity.


Hearing that the guest was his younger brother-in-law, Pei Qianhao immediately waved his hand at the guard. “Quickly bring Nanzhao’s Emperor in.” He paused for a moment before looking towards Ruo Yuan and Hong Li. “The two of you, go to the backyard.”


“This servant obeys the order.” Ruo Yuan and Hong Li bowed and withdrew from the main hall.


A moment later, the guard led Ning Lianchen into the main hall. After the guard withdrew, Ning Lianchen looked towards Su Xi-er and dropped all his facades. “Imperial Elder Sister.”


Su Xi-er repeatedly nodded as she walked forward to grab his hand. “Lianchen, Yun Ruofeng is undoubtedly dead after falling from that cliff, but how long can you stay in Beimin?” She knew that even if Yun Ruofeng had died, there would certainly be remnants of his influence remaining in Nanzhao. As its emperor, Ning Lianchen needed to swiftly return in order to deal with the matter and stabilise the situation.


Ning Lianchen patted her hand. “Imperial Elder Sister, I have to go back today. I originally wanted to stay a few more days, but there are things that require my immediate attention in Nanzhao. I’ll come again to visit you once the matters of the court have stabilised.”


An imposing male voice suddenly sounded. “This Prince will help you in reclaiming what influence Prince Yun had controlled. He held influence over the military, and many of them tend to be more straightforward and loyal to their master. Such men will require much effort to win over.”


Ning Lianchen nodded. With Prince Hao’s help, I’ll be able to reclaim my authority and solidify my power base in Nanzhao in less than a few days.

“This Prince also needs to remind you that with great power comes great responsibility. You can’t be careless and fail to live up to your status.” Pei Qianhao coldly advised with a solemn expression. You can’t be the least bit careless when it comes to court matters.

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