Mei Jinxiu pondered about it. With those silvers, I’ll be able to establish connections before I return to Nanzhao to take back the Mei Family!


She immediately nodded. “I am willing, but I won’t stay here forever. I must return to Nanzhao and take back my home!”


Su Xi-er faintly smiled. “Those two goals are not in opposition with one another. As long as you carry out your tasks properly from now on, we will bury the hatchet.”


Mei Jinxiu naturally understood what Su Xi-er was referring to, and she felt embarrassed just mentioning it. “Princess Consort, it’s great that you have forgiven me. I was too arrogant and unrestrained back then, but I’ll definitely carry out my duties properly from now on.”


Meanwhile, Yu Xiao didn’t understand what conflict they had.


“Yu Xiao, follow Miss Mei back to the medical clinic so that she can pack her things and quickly enter the residence.” Pei Qianhao instructed Yu Xiao before holding Su Xi-er’s hand as they headed off.


This left Yu Xiao and Mei Jinxiu glaring at one another until Mei Jinxiu finally snorted. “You’re just a little brat. I won’t argue with you.” She then walked off.


“Who’s a little brat? Stand here and say it clearly!” Jeez, I’ll come of age in just three years. Besides, I am taller than her by a head, but she’s still calling me a little brat!


Watching their departing figures, the corners of Su Xi-er’s mouth involuntarily rose.


“This Prince will help you apply the bandage.” Pei Qianhao rolled up her sleeve and poured some Lingrui flower powder on her arm before using a white strip of cloth to wrap around her wound.


Su Xi-er raised her head and smiled at him. “Your reputation precedes you. When people heard your name in the past, their first impression of you would be that you’re a cold and heartless man who was merciless in your actions.”


“You hadn’t even met this Prince back then, and you already believed the rumours?” Pei Qianhao immediately questioned.


“I wrote a few letters to you inviting you to Nanzhao’s state banquet in the past, but you never bothered to attend. How is that not heartless?” Su Xi-er raised her eyebrow, her eyes bright.


Pei Qianhao bent down and embraced her, softly replying, “This Prince regrets refusing your invitation back then. If I had gone, you might have already become Princess Consort Hao.” And you wouldn’t have had to suffer so many setbacks, get trapped in prison, experience the tragic death of your maidservant, receive an arrow to the heart, and die so miserably. He said the rest in his heart.


“If you had gone to Nanzhao, would you really have taken a liking to me? I wonder who clearly said ‘This Prince only likes weak women. No man would like such strong-willed women.’” Su Xi-er softly harrumphed, still remembering his words.


Pei Qianhao rubbed his forehead against hers. “You really like to bear grudges. Why don’t you punish this Prince then?” He remembered that he had punished her multiple times when she was still a maidservant in the Palace Side Quarters. I shall let her punish me today then.


“Of course I have to punish you.” Su Xi-er pushed his shoulder. “Say something nice.”


Women liked to hear sweet words.


Seeing how she was looking forward to it, Pei Qianhao patted her head. “This Prince is able to predict everything, but you are the only exception. I didn’t expect that deep inside me, I still like a strong-willed woman after all.”


Su Xi-er was greatly pleased, a bell-like laughter escaping from her lips. Ruo Yuan had been carrying the pot of tea back, but froze when she heard the joyous laughter from the main hall. Taking a peek inside, she turned around when she saw Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er embracing. I probably shouldn’t go in.


Hence, Ruo Yuan stood outside the main hall and shut her eyes with a solemn expression. On the other hand, Hong Li wasn’t sure if she should laugh or cry when she saw her friend in such a state.


Discovering Ruo Yuan, Su Xi-er gave Pei Qianhao a tap. “Ruo Yuan has brought the tea.”

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