Bafflement emerged in Su Xi-er’s eyes. Who could it be? I don’t know many women in Beimin. She stood up and went to ask the guard, “What does the young lady look like?”


“Replying to the Princess Consort, she has a slim figure, and possesses a pair of sword-like eyebrows along with a heroic aura.” The guard respectfully answered. Since they were a rare trait in women, the visitor’s eyebrows had been her most memorable trait.


Hearing about the heroic sword-like eyebrows, Su Xi-er was reminded of someone ー Mei Jinxiu. Isn’t she in Nanzhao? Did she come to Beimin?


“So it’s her. I’ll go out and take a look.” Su Xi-er walked out of the room.


Although Pei Qianhao didn’t realise who the woman outside was, he didn’t say anything after seeing Su Xi-er’s confidence. He had enough faith in her to know that she would only head out if she knew who it was.


Clad in a gold-trimmed crimson dress, the hem of her clothing fluttered in the wind as she walked.


Outside the entrance of the residence, Su Xi-er saw Mei Jinxiu dressed in coarse clothes. As I thought, it’s indeed her.


Mei Jinxiu yelled when she caught sight of Su Xi-er. “Su Xi-er, it’s great that you’re fine!”


When the guard heard Mei Jinxiu calling Su Xi-er by her name, he immediately berated, “Audacious woman! How can you directly call the Princess Consort by her name?”


“It’s fine, I know her.” Su Xi-er smiled at the guard, then looked towards Mei Jinxiu. “Let’s talk in the main hall.”


Mei Jinxiu nodded and quickly followed Su Xi-er to the main hall. Watching Su Xi-er’s back, Mei Jinxiu found that the former had a different air about her. She was very beautiful in the past, but there’s now also a sense of elegant charm to her. I can’t tell what it is; maybe it’s just the unique aura of Princess Consort Hao.


Ruo Yuan and Hong Li were already waiting beside the main hall, and were thrown for a loop when they saw Su Xi-er walking in with another woman. Who is she?


“Ruo Yuan, Hong Li, quickly boil a pot of good tea and bring it here.” Su Xi-er instructed them.


“This servant will get to it now.” Ruo Yuan and Hong Li respectfully replied before swiftly walking towards the backyard, understanding that they still needed to show the necessary formalities in front of others.


Mei Jinxiu looked at Su Xi-er. I’m still not quite used to calling her ‘Princess Consort’, but it’s not good for me to directly call her by her name.


Noticing Mei Jinxiu’s awkwardness, Su Xi-er heartily laughed. “Miss Mei, you have a casual and straightforward personality. Everyone in the residence is on our side, so you can drop the formalities.”


Mei Jinxiu heaved a sigh of relief. “Seeing that you’re fine, I can finally be relieved. I had originally planned to inform you of Prince Yun’s arrival in Beimin, but I ran into Commandery Prince Xie on the way. Deceived by him, I was held captive in his residence. It was only thanks to the Commandery Princess that I was able to escape.”


I didn’t expect Mei Jinxiu to have gone through so much, even being captured by Xie Yun. Seeing her clear eyes, Su Xi-er could tell that Mei Jinxiu had been sincerely worried. “Miss Mei, many thanks for your kind intentions. How is your medical clinic doing?”


Mei Jinxiu laughed unrestrainedly as she waved her hand. “Let’s not talk about that. You already know about me making the medicinal powder for that Pei Anru, and you probably also know that Lord Pei asked me to treat the young lady afterwards. However, I wasn’t able to completely undo the effects of the powder, and Lord Pei kept me captive in the Pei Residence. After all that, and being captured by the Commandery Prince afterwards, the matters of my medicinal clinic have been significantly delayed.”


After hearing about Mei Jinxiu’s experiences, Su Xi-er suddenly reached out with her right hand. “Miss Mei, I suddenly lost my strength yesterday, but I didn’t consume anything else other than the sweet red date soup. Please help me take my pulse.”

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