The guards from the Prince Hao Residence immediately came forth and reached out their hands. “Your Excellencies, it isn’t convenient for Prince Hao today. It would be better to forget about disturbing the nuptial chamber.”


The ministers were originally inebriated, but had instantly sobered up upon hearing Pei Qianhao’s words. What?! Never touched a woman in 25 years?! That can’t be, right? What about those 72 women in the Beauty Palace? He hasn’t touched a single one of them?


This is… unbelievable! The ministers exclaimed in surprise as they walked out. 25 years! We should indeed show some understanding. Prominent families would have prepared room concubine servants for their sons at the age of 15, and yet, Prince Hao has endured for so long. There’s a lot for him to do for the nuptial night!


Silence immediately blanketed the main courtyard. Su Xi-er had heard everything, and couldn’t stifle her laughter when she saw Pei Qianhao walking over.


“You have the strength to smile now?” Pei Qianhao sat on the edge of the bed and picked up the red bridal veil. “Come, wear this; we can’t miss this part. Have you regained some strength?”


Su Xi-er nodded; after travelling all the way from the suburbs and lying on the bed for some time, she had recovered much of her strength. This also allowed her to confirm that someone had definitely tampered with something to cause her sudden loss in strength, but she needed further investigation to find out exactly what.


Though hard to come by, the moment of happiness was finally here as Su Xi-er put on the bridal veil. At the same time, Ruo Yuan and Hong Li, who were groggily waking up after being knocked out earlier, immediately paid their respects upon spotting Pei Qianhao and practically ran out of the room in a panic.


Looking at the door that was once again closed, Pei Qianhao’s eyes darkened. I must investigate this matter. Apart from the man in black robes, someone else must have also helped Yun Ruofeng.


After some contemplation, Pei Qianhao turned around and put on a jovial smile as he walked towards Su Xi-er, picking up the ruyi ceremonial sceptre that had a red strip of cloth hung on it.


Their breathing was currently shallow, and it felt as if the air in the room had congealed; the moment where the bridal veil was to be lifted was filled with expectation, nervousness, and sweetness.


Su Xi-er’s rosy face appeared as the veil was lifted, her strength having fully recovered with the effects of the medicine wearing off.


Under the illumination of the candlelight, Pei Qianhao quietly watched her pure and charming expression. I have found a treasure.


“Didn’t you say that you haven’t touched a woman in 25 years? Are you just going to look at me tonight?” Su Xi-er sweetly smiled at him.


Pei Qianhao was slightly stunned. She...that place has recovered? Imperial Physician Zhao had said that she wouldn’t recover for at least 10 days though.


Despite being overwhelmed with emotions, he was also worried about the wound on her arm. Hence, he bent down and grabbed her hand. “Your arm is injured. You can’t make large movements.”


Su Xi-er rolled up her sleeve. “The wound has already scabbed over; this type of injury is nothing.” She then noticed the concern in his eyes. I have already said so much, but he still isn’t acting… How can we not make love on the nuptial night? Besides, we have to follow the custom too.


Slyness emerged in Su Xi-er’s eyes as she used her uninjured hand to push him onto the bed, using the same hand to press against his chest as she began to undress him. “It’s fine as long as we don’t touch the wound on my arm. That’s why you’re going to be on the bottom, and I’m going to be on top tonight.”


Pei Qianhao felt his heart pounding. I have never seen her act so ‘impudently’. He could feel his body warming up as her hand stayed pressed against his chest.


Thus, he circled his hand around her waist. “Let's do it slowly. I’ll support your waist in moving.”

Having experienced it once, Su Xi-er naturally knew what changes his body was undergoing. This position is too bold. I didn’t feel anything when I was speaking just now, but now that we’re actually doing it… Her ears immediately flushed red.

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