A deafening silence hung over the courtyard of the Laundry Service Bureau. Old Maidservant Li’s body trembled continuously as she lay prostrate on the ground. 


Pei Qianhao rocked the whip in his hand back and forth as he took a step forward, getting closer to Su Xi-er.


“Prince Hao, before you punish this servant, please punish this old maidservant harshly.” Su Xi-er had observed for a long time. Punishing Ruo Yuan wasn’t part of Pei Qianhao’s instructions at all. It was Old Maidservant Li who had acted on her own.


Old Maidservant Li really wanted to strangle the palace maid called Su Xi-er to death. She singled me out again!


“Eunuch Zhang from the Imperial Household Department will punish her. This prince wants to punish you first.” His cold words were full of oppression.


Old Maidservant Li heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it won’t be Prince Hao personally punishing me. Otherwise, this old life of mine will be gone.


However, just as Old Maidservant Li fear began to fade, she saw Prince Hao shoot his icy gaze towards her.


“Take these two unconscious palace maids away. Carry them on your own without alerting anyone else. Afterwards, find someone to treat the fat palace maid. As for the other one, send her away to the army camp as punishment.”


Old Maidservant Li immediately nodded before she proceeded to carry Ruo Yuan back to her room first. Fortunately, she was tall and had a strong build. Otherwise, she would really have been unable to carry Ruo Yuan.


While Old Maidservant Li was carrying Ruo Yuan back to her room, Pei Qianhao kept using a cold gaze to put Su Xi-er to death by a thousand cuts[1].


Only after Old Maidservant Li had completely left did Pei Qianhao speak. 


“How should this prince beat you? The cudgel or the whip?” He walked closer to her step by step. Finally, he raised his hand and was about to pinch her chin.


However, Su Xi-er unexpectedly turned her head and evaded his hand. “You can just directly hit me Prince Hao. This servant has already been beaten by others on numerous occasions; one more time is nothing special.”


Her expression and tone made Pei Qianhao displeased.


His brows knitted almost imperceptibly when he heard that she had been beaten by others numerous times. Even he himself didn’t sense it.


Pei Qianhao’s hand that was holding the whip hooked around her waist while the other swiftly pulled her arm and lifted the sleeve up.


Two times! My sleeves were lifted up by two men respectively!


When he saw the expression in her eyes, he smiled. “Are you feeling wronged? So what if I see your arm? I can even see you fully naked.”


His tone was overbearing and arrogant, very different from Situ Li’s reply.


“Prince Hao, you possess countless women. As long as you want to, anything is within your grasp, much less seeing someone naked.”


Pei Qianhao’s hand traced along the scar on her arm. His voice was deep and low. “This prince can do whatever I want?” 


Su Xi-er didn’t respond. There was no anger and no hate. Her face was completely unperturbed.


“No matter how beautiful you are, this prince wouldn't want someone who acts so much like a lifeless doll. After all the years that you've spent in the Palace Side Quarters, did you really live through all the beatings? Don’t you know how to retaliate against others’ provocations even once?”


Su Xi-er enunciated her words clearly, “Prince Hao, this servant has a lowly status so I can’t retaliate.”


“Apply the medicinal powder this prince gave you for a few days, and these scars you have accumulated over the years can be removed,” Pei Qianhao informed her as he let go of her arm.


When he saw that she remained unmoved, he reminded again, “You have to be concerned about every inch of your skin. Perhaps in the future, you will have to depend on it to free yourself and change your fortune.”


Su Xi-er looked at him. He’s too arrogant. Are Beimin’s men all so arrogant?! Looking at this egotistical appearance of his, she couldn’t restrain herself from agitating him.


“The Beauty Palace is filled with beauties who pay quite a lot of attention to every inch of their skin. Yet, what do they do apart from staying in the Beauty Palace? How much has their status been elevated?”


Pei Qianhao suddenly smiled. “Glib tongue.”


“Many thanks for your compliment, Prince Hao.”


“Su Xi-er, if this prince didn’t judge wrongly, your loathing of men is not targeted towards this prince alone.” When he pointed it out, the corners of his mouth were upturned and his face was teasing. 


Su Xi-er’s heart abruptly skipped as memories of her past life surfaced again. In her eyes, men had become trash.


I thought that I had concealed it very well, but he still managed to discern it! How on earth did he manage to do so?


“You don’t have to be so surprised. This prince was only sounding you out. However, it turns out that you really do detest men.”

1. It’s an old form of capital punishment.

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