Su Xi-er looked at him. If I say yes, would he make me beg him? Disregarding that, there’s no guarantee that he will agree. However, according to what Eunuch Zhang, I must rely on myself to bring Ruo Yuan back to the Palace Side Quarters.


She stared at Pei Qianhao quietly until even the latter thought that she was about to start imploring him. Finally, she responded. “Many thanks for your kind intentions Prince Hao. However, this servant doesn’t have the right to make requests of you. Not only that, others can’t be blamed for Ruo Yuan being ruthlessly beaten with the cudgel if that is what fate has decided.”


Still lying prostrate on the ground, Old Maidservant Li almost fainted in fear when she heard Su Xi-er’s words. This palace maid is really shrewd. She has already pointed her finger at me. What should I do? Prince Hao is here. How should I reply? 


Pei Qianhao looked at the cudgel that had fallen onto the ground. He furrowed his eyebrows and looked at Old Maidservant Li. “The fat palace maid committed a crime?”


Old Maidservant Li weighed the matter in her heart, deciding how best to answer to avoid being punished. “She just came today and tore a large hole in the clothes while washing them. Those clothes even belonged to Eunuch Zhang from the Imperial Household Department.”


In the eyes of the palace maids from the Palace Side Quarters and the Laundry Service Bureau, the Imperial Household Department was a high-ranking existence that had direct control over where they would be deployed. Those in even higher positions wouldn’t even deign to notice them.


However, what Old Maidservant Li didn’t know was that it wasn’t Eunuch Zhang who had directly instructed for Ruo Yuan to be transferred to the Laundry Service Bureau, but Prince Hao who had ordered him to do that.


Situ Lin asked, “Is it that dark blue, large, long gown with a circle in the centre?”


Old Maidservant Li didn’t know why the emperor would ask, but it was indeed that piece of clothing. She nodded and answered, “Replying to Your Majesty, it is that piece of clothing.”


Situ Lin glanced at his imperial uncle fearfully. But Su Xi-er is concerned about that fat palace maid. I can only...


“Imperial Uncle, I’m sorry. It was me who purposely tore that piece of clothing a few days ago. How could she be the one who damaged it if she has just arrived?”


At this point, Old Maidservant Li even had the wish to die. What’s with this! My lie was immediately exposed!


Pei Qianhao looked at Situ Lin and glanced at the whip in his hand. “You want me to continue lashing you? You are really mischievous.”


Su Xi-er felt that his gaze was growing increasingly cold; fearing that he might raise the whip to strike Situ Lin again, she spoke out. “Prince Hao, all of this started because of this servant. If you really have to hit someone, please hit this servant.”


“You think this prince doesn’t dare to?” There was now anger laced in his voice.


Situ Lin knew that his imperial uncle was really disgruntled and immediately asked for forgiveness. “Imperial Uncle, it’s not her fault. I only met her today. The person who committed a crime by tearing the clothes a few days ago was me.” He then raised his tiny hands and hugged Su Xi-er.


His small fair hands entered Su Xi-er’s sight. She inexplicably had a warm feeling run through her heart, almost as if Lianchen was beside her.


Pei Qianhao cast Wu Ling a meaningful glance. Wu Ling understood and walked to Situ Lin’s side, forcefully prying his arms from Su Xi-er’s waist.


“Wu Ling, send His Majesty to the Dragon Heaven Palace. Instruct the imperial physicians to treat His Majesty’s whip wounds on his back as soon as possible. In the future, strictly watch over him every day to ensure that he is punished with writing the sages’ classics and governance annals.”


“This subordinate obeys your orders.”

Situ Lin was afraid. I hate copying books the most! However, there was no way he could resist Wu Ling’s formidable strength. In the end, he could only be taken away and watch on helplessly as Su Xi-er was left to face his imperial uncle alone.

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