Pei Qianhao’s gaze turned grave. She won’t die! I will find her at the bottom of the cliff! Spinning around, he was about to make a mad dash to the bottom of the cliff when he felt something shake the ground beneath his feet.


A slender hand was clinging to a rock at the edge.


Pei Qianhao widened his eyes in both surprise and joy. He immediately squatted down and grabbed the hand, using all his strength to pull Su Xi-er into his embrace.


Watching them from the side, tears slid down from Ning Lianchen’s eyes for the first time in a long while. His mind had gone blank when he thought that his Imperial Elder Sister had fallen with Yun Ruofeng. My only family… Now that he saw that she was safe and sound, he immediately heaved a sigh of relief.


Pei Qianhao was quiet as he tightly embraced her. His arms were shaking, and for a moment, he had been truly terrified. For someone who wouldn’t bat an eyelash when facing down thousands of troops, didn’t fear being surrounded by enemy soldiers, and could care less about getting trapped in a predicament, Pei Qianhao had felt the cold grip of dread tear at his heart for the first time. 


Even now, he couldn’t completely rid himself of the terrible feeling that had consumed him for a moment.


Su Xi-er patted his back. “I am fine. Just as we were falling off the cliff, I kicked a pain acupoint in his leg.”


In that critical situation, she had managed to kick Yun Ruofeng away, grabbing onto the cliff in the nick of time. The shock and despair that had registered on Yun Ruofeng’s visage in that brief instant had brought back the sorrow in her heart.


Ruining what he can’t obtain; to think that Yun Ruofeng’s heart was this black.


Pei Qianhao gazed at her intently and softly said, “You were Ning Rulan in your past lifetime, but can you just be this Prince’s Xi-er in this lifetime?”


“You...when did you find out about my true identity? Were you shocked? The occult…”


He interrupted her. “I long had my suspicions, and it was only recently that I was able to confirm them with Ning Lianchen. Regardless, you are you, and you will only be mine in this lifetime.”


He no longer referred to himself as ‘this Prince’, and used ‘I’ to refer to himself instead. In this moment, he wasn’t the decisive, wise, and mighty Prince Hao, but an ordinary man who had devoted all his heart to his wife.


Su Xi-er nodded, her voice more cheerful. “I am naturally yours now that I have married you; don’t forget that we have bowed to the heavens and earth. Even if you hate Ning Rulan, I won’t ever let go of you in this lifetime.”


The corners of Pei Qianhao’s mouth curved up. “That’s precisely what I want.” He paused for a moment before continuing. “However, this Prince has always admired Ning Rulan. When did I ever say that I hate her?” He began to shamelessly deny any wrongdoing.


Su Xi-er laughed and poked his nose. “You said quite a few times that you don’t like strong-willed women like Ning Rulan.”


“Is that so? This Prince’s memory isn’t good. I don’t remember saying that.” Disregarding Ning Lianchen’s presence, he lowered his head and carefully kissed her cherry lips, treating her like his treasure.


Ning Lianchen smiled, his heart full of blessings towards them. In the end, he decided not to disturb them, and silently left. After only a few steps, however, he bumped into Qin Ling.


“This subordinate pays his respects to Your Majesty. Where is...Prince Yun?” Qin Ling’s eyes were filled with anxiety. I have loyally worked for him for 10 years. Even if he is vicious, he is still my master.


“Commander Qing, Prince Yun has died. This Emperor respects the loyalty you have for your master, but the court can no longer use you from now on. You will be dismissed from your position of commander, and punished to become a commoner.” Even if Qin Ling was a talent, Ning Lianchen couldn’t forgive him.


Qing Ling’s gaze became empty not because of losing his position and power, but because of Yun Ruofeng’s death. Master...has died.

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