“Yun Ruofeng, I am Su Xi-er in this lifetime, and I have nothing to do with you. Lianchen said that you already gave up on vying for power, and he would have forgiven you for what you have done. As long as you obediently stayed inside the Prince Yun Residence, he wouldn’t have tried to do anything to you. Tonight’s events really are disappointing.” Su Xi-er’s gaze was calm. 


I already don’t have any feelings towards him.


I had always hated him, wished to kill him with my own hands and watch as the life drains from his eyes. But now, I feel very calm. In my eyes, he is just a pitiful person.


A soft chuckle escaped from Yun Ruofeng’s lips. “It’s just another way of confining someone. You might as well kill this Prince. Rather than painfully living, it would be better to die.”


Vigilance flickered across Su Xi-er’s eyes. The idea of death has crossed his mind, and the horse carriage is also heading towards the mountains. Could he be thinking of…


“What’s wrong? I watched you as you died in your previous lifetime. Now, you will watch as I die. Isn’t this rather good? I want you to remember me forever!” Yun Ruofeng laughed. I initially wanted to bring Su Xi-er back, but things don’t always go as planned.


It was clear that Yun Ruofeng’s mental state was in tatters, but his expression still remained calm, with the same ever-present smile on his face.


Just as the horse carriage was about to reach the summit of the mountain, Qin Ling stopped it. “Prince Yun, there’s no path ahead; we can’t go on any further.”


“Is that so? Lan-er, come and walk with this Prince.” He swiftly reached out his hand to grab her.


Shaking off his arm in the cramped carriage, she quickly alighted on her own. The place he had grabbed at was exactly where she had stabbed herself.


Looking at the blood on his fingertips, Yun Ruofeng instantly understood why she still had strength. So it’s because the pain has replaced her sense of powerlessness. Lan-er, you said that I’m ruthless to myself, but this description is more apt for you. How deep must this wound be for you to stay conscious for so long?


Standing on the mountain path, Su Xi-er looked into the distance. Just a few hundred steps until we reach the summit.


“Lan-er, let’s go up. Qin Ling, guard here.” Yun Ruofeng then snatched the sword from Qin Ling’s waist and aimed it at Su Xi-er.


“Go up.” He threatened despite the smile in his eyes.


Su Xi-er looked at him. “Yun Ruofeng, you plan to kill me again?”


“How can that be? How can I bear to kill you? Go up.” Yun Ruofeng’s voice became more ruthless as he pushed the tip of the sword closer to her.


In contrast, Su Xi-er maintained her composure, the frigid mountain wind helping her to stay awake. She didn’t say a single word as she headed to the summit step by step.


Watching their departing figures, Qin Ling felt complicated. Why do I feel like the two of them won’t ever come back?


Soon, the two reached the summit. Yun Ruofeng put down the sword and smiled at her. “Lan-er, looking down from this vantage point, the tall houses and walls have become so short and small. Each human has become even tinier than a dot.”


“Didn’t you want to die? You can just jump down.” Su Xi-er took a few steps back and looked at him placidly.


“I originally prepared a very good plan to bring you back. I was willing to do whatever it took, even if I ended up a cripple. I have realised my failures too late, and I am reaping what I have sown.” Yun Ruofeng’s face was wreathed in smiles as he continued. “Lan-er, I am going to die. Do you have anything to say to me?”


Carrying a gentle and faint smile on his countenance, the vicious aura in him had already dissipated. Would she remember me if I die in front of her? Maybe she will, even if it’s just a minor memory.


Su Xi-er stared straight into his eyes. “As Ning Rulan, I would tell you that your time is up.”


Hearing those words, Yun Ruofeng was stunned for a moment before he smiled. “Regardless of your identity, you are still the same as before, remembering all grudges. If anyone offends you, you will pay them back a hundred times over.”


I remember telling her that her time was up before she died. I can only feel that it is sadly ironic for her to say the same thing to me now.

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