She couldn’t help but be puzzled. I didn’t breathe in the fragrance, so why do I have no strength now?


Yun Ruofeng had already stopped in front of her with an unperturbed expression. He raised his hand, planning to tuck a loose strand of hair behind her ear; but to his surprise, Su Xi-er moved one step to the side with her remaining strength, causing his hand to miss her.


“Lan-er, you have no strength now; you are currently not my opponent.” The reality was just as he said; a powerless Su Xi-er wouldn’t be able to fight against Yun Ruofeng.


Why would I lose my strength when I didn’t breathe in the fragrance? Su Xi-er couldn’t figure out the reason, but knew that her priority was to escape her current predicament. Why don’t I pretend to go along with him first, then counterattack when he’s not paying attention later!


Thus, Su Xi-er followed Yun Ruofeng to avoid a fight that she couldn’t win. At the same time, she took the golden hairpin in her hair and ruthlessly stabbed it into her arm before tossing it into the grass. The pain was enough to awaken her dulled senses to an extent, allowing her to remain conscious.




The banquet at the Prince Hao Residence was extremely lively, with many guests congratulating and encouraging the groom to drink. Even Situ Li, who didn’t drink much, had joined in on the festivities. When he consulted Su Xi-er regarding the Lan Script the other day, he had purposely smeared the strange scent of those tree leaves on the copybook. It wouldn’t show any immediate effects, and would only cause one to lose their strength when they drank the red date soup.


The bride will definitely drink one bowl of sweet red date soup in the morning, and one on the night of the wedding. Looking at the time now, Yun Ruofeng has probably already succeeded.


Yet, even if Situ Li and Yun Ruofeng’s plan seemed perfect on the surface, it didn’t mean it was foolproof. Despite the smile on his face, Pei Qianhao’s gaze was anything but happy despite his smile. He had long since become aware of Yun Ruofeng’s presence in Beimin, but had acted carefully in order to make himself appear ignorant so as not to alert the enemy.


Luring the enemy out and ending them with one fatal blow was his style. Now that the enemy has appeared, all that’s left is to strike his vitals. Yun Ruofeng, after offending this Prince and coming to Beimin, don’t think that I will allow you to go back alive.




Meanwhile, Yun Ruofeng had already brought Su Xi-er to the back door. Along the way, Su Xi-er had pretended that she was losing consciousness. Upon arriving at the back door, she took advantage of his lapse in attention to kick his knees.


Yun Ruofeng’s right leg bent slightly, but felt no pain as he remained standing. He laughed as he said, “Only you know my kryptonite, but I’ve already consumed many painkillers before coming, even though I knew that a large dose of medicine would certainly harm my body.”


He had drunk so many bowls of medicine that he didn’t even feel the slightest bit of pain when he was fiercely kicked. In fact, he had lost all feeling in his knees during this period of time. I’m afraid that after tonight, I won’t ever be able to stand again. It’s likely that I’ll end up a cripple.


“Yun Ruofeng, you are really ruthless to yourself.” Su Xi-er softly remarked as coldness flickered in her eyes.


“I can tell that you hate me. Only when there’s love can there be hate. Regardless of whether you admit it, you still love me.” The corners of Yun Ruofeng’s involuntarily rose.


Right at this moment, the cold voice of a man sounded. “How could this Prince’s princess consort harbour love for you?”


This immediately put Yun Ruofeng on his guard, and he immediately rushed back towards Su Xi-er. However, he didn’t know that Su Xi-er had become more conscious after stabbing herself. With a spin of her body, she avoided his hand and nimbly went behind Pei Qianhao.


“Prince Yun, this Prince can’t let you off for ruining my wedding.” Pei Qianhao’s eyes narrowed, flashing with coldness. Soon, two rows of guards from the Prince Hao Residence appeared with their arrows nocked and aimed towards Yun Ruofeng.


Su Xi-er froze. This scene is so familiar!


Yun Ruofeng burst into laughter before looking at Su Xi-er with a gentle demeanour. “Looks like Prince Hao is determined to put this Prince to death here by having a flurry of arrows penetrate my heart. This move is not bad.”

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