“As long as Prince Hao likes her, who cares what Princess Consort Hao’s personality is like? He likes everything about her, good or bad!”


Just as that person spoke, Su Xi-er took out the handkerchief from her sleeve and threw it out. The women in the crowd immediately shifted their gazes and began competing for it. The person who could obtain Princess Consort Hao’s handkerchief would receive good fortune!


The crowd became extremely lively, and after a few rounds of exchanges, a woman finally managed to obtain it. She jubilantly raised the handkerchief high up and hollered, “This peasant woman thanks Princess Consort Hao!”


With Su Xi-er having thrown her handkerchief, the masses began to gossip again. “Princess Consort Hao has a sense of propriety. Even if Prince Hao spoils her, she hasn’t become arrogant because of it. It’s Prince Hao and Beimin’s fortune to have such a virtuous woman!”


Immediately, the commoners were full of praise for Su Xi-er. So what if she’s born of a humble background? It’s fine as long as Prince Hao likes her! Besides, rumour has it that Princess Consort Hao is talented and beautiful. She’s definitely fit for her position!!


Clad in a pink dress, Liu Yinyin was happily scattering the crimson cloth flowers in front of the entrance while Ning Lianchen calmly watched her from the side. When his gaze shifted to Su Xi-er, however, it was instantly filled with joy. Su Xi-er tightly grasped Pei Qianhao’s shoulders as he carried her into the main hall. When her hand came into contact with his warm back, she no longer felt nervous, and she lowered her head to lean against him.


In the main hall of the Prince Hao Residence, Pei Zheng and Consort Dowager Guo were sitting in the upper seats, while Grand Tutor Kong sat in the lower seat. He had arrived ahead of the procession after riding a horse carriage from the Prince Hao Residence.


It was tradition that the upper seats were to be taken by both a man and a woman. The groom would send a male senior, while the bride would send a female senior. Consort Dowager Guo’s face was wreathed in smiles as she listened to the high-pitched and resounding voice of the marriage officiant from the Ministry of Rites.


“First bow to the heavens and earth! Second bow to the parents!”


Consort Dowager Guo’s smile reached the recesses of her eyes as her head filled with images of her son’s potential future wedding. Her eyes began to moisten, but she managed to hold back her tears.


“Sending into the nuptial chamber!” With the last announcement from the marriage officiant, Ruo Yuan and Hong Li appeared to bring Su Xi-er away from Prince Hao and support her into the nuptial chamber.


As for Pei Qianhao, he had to remain behind to entertain the court officials and envoys from the various countries. Situ Lin was dressed in his dragon robes with a wide smile and appeared amiable. However, he managed to keep the deportment of an Emperor despite his fondness for lively events.


The banquet was held at the largest space in the residence, and it was still a bustling scene, with guards and palace maids running to and fro.


Meanwhile, a group of guards in the main courtyard stood respectfully to the side as Su Xi-er slowly walked into the nuptial chamber and sat at the edge of the bed.


Afraid that Su Xi-er would be hungry, Ruo Yuan asked, “You have to keep sitting here until Prince Hao comes at night. I’ll get you some fruits to eat.”


Su Xi-er was indeed hungry, and reached out her hand to take the fruits from Ruo Yuan despite knowing that the bride wasn’t supposed to eat.


“The noise from the main hall is so loud that we can hear it even from here.” Hong Li remarked before walking to Su Xi-er’s side. “Are your shoulders aching? Let me help you massage them.”


Without waiting for Su Xi-er’s response, Hong Li started to massage her shoulders.


Su Xi-er ate the fruit as she looked at the fluttering red bridal veil in front of her. Pei Qianhao will only come at night, which means that I have to keep waiting for him here.


The current Su Xi-er was just like any other woman, bashfully and quietly waiting in the nuptial chamber for their loved one to come.


At the banquet, Pei Zheng was hiding his anxiety behind a delighted expression. Commandery Prince Xie is stuck 30 kilometres away. He said that I would have to delay Pei Qianhao, but what should I do now that Xie Yun isn’t around?


Despite his worry, Pei Zheng continued dining and toasting with the various officials as he expressed his gratitude. Most of the ministers had turned up, while Situ Li was the only one of Beimin’s imperial princes who had come, and he was currently sitting next to Consort Dowager Guo.

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