The guards outside the door hollered in response. “The beautiful bride quietly sits in the room while Prince Hao anxiously waits outside. Quickly open the door and come out; everyone will be delighted and bask in the celebratory atmosphere.”


Being teased in such a manner, the corners of Su Xi-er’s mouth involuntarily curved up. Nanzhao doesn’t have this custom. This practice in Beimin actually does increase the festive mood. It brings the servants and guards closer to their master, as well as allowing everyone to enjoy the joyous occasion together.


Hong Li smiled in delight. “Not bad, you even made a poem for the beautiful bride. But this servant still can’t open the door.”


After she said that, the guards began giving their all, which included enticing with silvers and performing outside the room, drawing the cheers of the crowd. Hong Li and Ruo Yuan looked at one another and felt that it was about time to open the door.


Before they could do so however, a husky voice laced with a trace of playfulness sounded. “If you still don’t open the door, this Prince will directly get rid of it.”


Hong Li and Ruo Yuan’s eyelids twitched, but they still quickly opened the door before supporting Su Xi-er on her way out.


Hearing the familiar voice, Su Xi-er felt warmth embrace her heart. At the same time, her palms also became sweaty. So this is what it feels like to get married.


They carefully walked every step until a large hand grabbed hers, enveloping it in warmth. She immediately felt his breath and a squeeze from his hand, his low voice in her ear. “Xi-er, you should only be nervous when it’s our nuptial night later.”


His teasing tone instantly made her relax. If it weren’t for the crowd that was gathered around them, she would’ve raised her hand to give him a smack.


Ruo Yuan and Hong Li carefully followed from behind, full of emotion. They were to follow beside the bridal sedan chair and walk all the way to the Prince Hao Residence.


The bridal sedan chair was large and spacious, and its roof was decorated with a circle of crimson flowers. Even the frame was inlaid with golden thread, giving others a deep impression with just a single glance.


Pei Qianhao held Su Xi-er’s hand as they walked towards the bridal sedan chair. Just as they were about to reach it, Ruo Yuan and Hong Li moved forward since they were required to help her board the sedan.


However, before they could support Su Xi-er, Pei Qianhao turned slightly, shocking everyone with his next action.


Everyone in the Imperial Library watched as Pei Qianhao picked Su Xi-er up bridal style, directly lifting her into the bridal sedan chair.


Heavens! This… No groom has ever personally carried their bride into the bridal sedan chair. The one who supports the bride into the sedan must be from her maiden family. The extent of his affection is shocking! If he doesn’t follow the rules and spoils Princess Consort Hao to this extent, how is she going to throw away her personality…?


Pei Qianhao only gave a cursory glance at the crowd’s astonished faces before raising his hand to signal for the instruments and firecrackers to sound again.


The wedding procession took the widest palace path where all the palace maids were orderly lined up on either side, greeting the sight of the procession with a respectful bow.


It was even more lively after they exited the imperial palace. The commoners lined the streets with joyful expressions, and cheered when they saw the wedding procession. “Prince Hao, Princess Consort Hao! Forever and ever, blissful and contented!”


Sitting on horseback, Pei Qianhao turned around to gesture at Wu Ling. Soon, a group of guards from the Prince Hao Residence threw wedding sweets into the crowd, prompting many of them to bend down and pick them up in an excited manner.


Su Xi-er was sitting in the bridal sedan chair when she heard their well wishes, and it magnified the happiness in her heart. After hearing that I like Lingrui flowers, he racked his brain to come up with a way to transplant them. When he found out about the jade green dangling ornament and wooden hairpin given by Lianchen, he didn’t mind them at all. And when I let him know that I wanted a grand and festive wedding, he delivered it on an unprecedented scale.


Su Xi-er was so moved that tears almost fell from her eyes. Empress Mother, you must be happy that your daughter was lucky enough to have met such a loving man. I’m sure you will be satisfied with Pei Qianhao. After going through many trials and tribulations, your daughter has finally obtained the happiness you yearned for all your life.

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