Next, Ruo Yuan and Hong Li helped her put on her wedding dress, as well as the jade green dangling hair ornament, golden hairpin, and the peachwood hairpin.


Hong Li was puzzled as to why she wanted to wear the wooden hairpin, but understood when she saw the characters on the handle. “I couldn’t tell that Prince Hao was actually so attentive.”


It was as if the person in the mirror had now transformed into someone else. With her original beautiful appearance, the exquisite makeup and hairstyle only served to enhance her look. Her skin was smooth like jade, and her rosy lips were accentuated by a few strands of hair that had been intentionally left down. 


Ruo Yuan’s eyes widened as she watched Su Xi-er, almost forgetting to breathe and speak until Hong Li poked her.


“Consort Dowager Guo has arrived.” The voice of a eunuch could be heard.


A moment later, Consort Dowager Guo entered the room with a senior old maidservant trailing behind her. This was because before a bride got married, she had to drink sweet red date soup in her maiden family’s home to represent happiness and eternity.


“Xi-er, drink this sweet red date soup, and be forever blissful with Prince Hao. More importantly, give birth to children soon.” Consort Dowager Guo passed the small bowl of soup to Su Xi-er.


Having prayed to Buddha for many years, Consort Dowager Guo exuded a benevolent aura, and gave others a very comfortable feeling.


Su Xi-er stood up and slowly walked over with a smile, politely accepting the sweet red date soup. Nanzhao also has this custom. A female senior from the bride’s family must bestow a bowl of sweet soup. Since Grand Tutor Kong didn’t have a wife, Consort Dowager Guo was left in charge of the task instead. Even though Consort Dowager Guo hardly showed her face around the palace, she had considerable status in the palace as an imperial consort that wasn’t made to follow the late Emperor in death.


With her bestowing the sweet red date soup, Su Xi-er’s position would rise.


Consort Dowager Guo benevolently smiled as she watched Su Xi-er slowly drink the soup. How great it would be if my imperial son came back and married a wife.


Since the size of the bowl was small, Su Xi-er was quickly able to finish drinking it. A palace maid standing behind Consort Dowager Guo came forward to take the empty bowl and place it on the tray.


“The bridal sedan chair from the Prince Hao Residence will come in an hour. This Consort Dowager will help you put on the red bridal veil now. Xi-er, you’re a blissful woman. The capital of Beimin has been specially decorated, and is covered in a celebratory atmosphere. The bridal sedan chair will be splendorous as well.” Consort Dowager Guo said with a smile before walking to the table to pick up the red bridal veil.


“Xi-er, come.” Consort Dowager Guo’s voice was gentle as she raised the red bridal veil.


Su Xi-er walked closer and lowered her head. The sound of the breeze rushed past her ears, and before she knew it, the red bridal veil was already resting on her head.


“Help Su Xi-er to sit beside the bed. Make sure you take care of the handkerchief; you have to throw away your personality before you enter the Prince Hao Residence.” Consort Dowager Guo instructed Hong Li and Ruo Yuan. They both nodded and accepted her order.


“The bridal sedan chair will come in an hour. Make sure you are careful when you support her.” Consort Dowager Guo gave her blessings once again before preparing to leave.


Ruo Yuan and Hong Li couldn’t help but be nervous as they repeatedly nodded. “This servant will pay very careful attention.”


Consort Dowager Guo felt that she could rest assured after hearing their promise and turned to leave the room, planning to wait in the courtyard of the Imperial Library along with Grand Tutor Kong, Tan Ge, as well as some other guards and palace maids.

Tan Ge was bathed in the warm sunlight as she took in the festive sight in the Imperial Library. Today is a good day. It’s suitable for marriage. The bride looks moving under the bright sunlight, and the bridal sedan chair will undoubtedly be magnificent.

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