Wu Ling’s heart suddenly trembled as he witnessed this scene. Prince Hao, can you pay more attention to your surroundings? This subordinate doesn’t even have a person I like yet. You’re making me envious!


A moment later, Wu Ling stowed away the envy in his heart and quietly withdrew, returning to his position outside the hall.


Su Xi-er turned her head to look at Pei Qianhao, but he seized this opportunity to lower his head and capture her lips.


Disregarding her shock, and the fact that they were in the main hall of the Dragon Heaven Palace, his hands hooked around her waist as he pressed her against the table.


A rain of warm kisses rained down as the warmth of their breathing caressed their faces. Their minds were focused only on the person in front of them.


Su Xi-er’s face gradually became rosy, and it was unclear how long it had been when Pei Qianhao finally let her go.


There was now a coquettish look in Su Xi-er’s eyes. “You sneak attacked me while I wasn’t ready.” I had only turned around to glance at him when he kissed me.


“You are already this Prince’s woman. How is it a sneak attack?” Pei Qianhao’s eyes were filled with a teasing look as the corners of his mouth raised.


Su Xi-er simply looked away, her gaze landing on the stones. Since these belong to the original owner of this body, I have to properly hold onto them.


When she tied the pouch, she found a strange flower embroidered at its bottom. The petals were purple, and they resembled Purple Fragrance flowers.


She turned towards Pei Qianhao. “Are you able to tell what flower this is?”


Pei Qianhao’s brow was knitted. This isn’t a Purple Fragrance flower. Purple petals, very thin this the Purple Mandarin Duck flower from the western region? Beimin’s ornaments have never been adorned with Purple Mandarin Duck flowers. Why does the pouch have this kind of flower sewn on it? 


“Do you recognise it?” Su Xi-er asked again after she saw him remaining silent.


Pei Qianhao’s brow relaxed as he replied, “I don’t recognise it. It looks like a Purple Fragrance flower, but it isn’t one.” He gave the partial truth, not mentioning that he recognised it as a Purple Mandarin Duck flower from the western parts. It’s very strange to have this kind of flower embroidered on the pouch.


“It’s very strange. I’ll go to the Imperial Library another day to check if there are any compendium about flowers.” Su Xi-er said as she placed the pouch back.


“You only need to focus on being a beautiful bride; don’t worry about the rest.” Pei Qianhao lowered his head to plant a kiss on her forehead before letting go of her. He instructed Wu Ling, “Come in. Bring this cloth bundle into the Prince Hao Residence and place it in the cupboard in this Prince’s room.”


Wu Ling entered and replied with an affirmative before taking the cloth bundle in his hands, swiftly leaving the main hall.


“Come, let’s go to the side hall.” Pei Qianhao immediately held Su Xi-er’s hand as they headed out.


The names and appearances of multifarious flowers flashed through Su Xi-er’s mind, but none of them matched with the flower on the pouch. Nanzhao, Beimin, Xiliu, and Dongling don’t have this kind of flower. Is it from some foreign country or tribe? But the original owner was born of an impoverished background, why would she…


By the time Pei Qianhao had pulled Su Xi-er to the side hall, she was still deep in thought, so he gently knocked her on the forehead. “Xi-er, the item belongs to you. You should know well what flower it is.”


Su Xi-er immediately explained, “I didn’t recognise this flower even when I was young, and that remains the case now. It only occurred to me to ask you after I saw it again, but it appears that even you don’t know what it is.”


Pei Qianhao softly chuckled. This woman’s face doesn’t turn red from lying, and neither does her breathing give anything away. If not for my careful observation and Ning Lianchen’s confirmation, I might have really continued to be kept in the dark.


But I won’t tell her that I have found out her true identity.

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