Su Xi-er smiled. “The moment the handkerchief leaves the bride’s hand, her bad temper has already been thrown away. From then on, the handkerchief will be full of the festive mood. Of course it will be lucky.”


Ruo Yuan nodded her head as if she had arrived at an epiphany. “So that’s how it works. I’m so stupid. Looks like I have to work hard to make up for my innate dullness, since the clumsy bird has to fly first.”


“You used the four-word idiom really smoothly.” Hong Li laughed before continuing to hang the red silk.


Tan Ge’s face was covered in a large smile as she watched the three of them banter without worries; she couldn’t help but feel a bit envious.


Suddenly, Ruo Yuan turned to Su Xi-er and said, “Before every palace maid enters the palace, they will bring some items they can’t bear to leave behind and have them stored at the Imperial Household Department. You have to go to the Prince Hao Residence to get those items back. Hong Li and I are planning to go and collect them a day before your wedding. Afterwards, we will be your dowry maidservants accompanying you to the Prince Hao Residence when you marry.”


Ruo Yuan giggled at the last part, her face bright.


Once again, Su Xi-er learned something new. This is different from Nanzhao too. Before Nanzhao’s palace maids enter the palace, they are not allowed to bring any items related to their past with them, much less have the Imperial Household Department safeguard such items.


Regarding this point, Beimin’s management method is more humane.


“I’ll go and get them after we have finished hanging the red silk. The both of you can come with me.” Su Xi-er calmly said.


Tan Ge felt her heart drop. Su Xi-er is going to collect her cloth bundle; it’s only a matter of time until she finds out that the jade pendant is missing.


Suppressing the anxiety in her heart, Tan Ge asked, “Su Xi-er, you have been in the palace for such a long time. Do you remember what you brought here? Remember to check properly when you collect the items.”


Su Xi-er smilingly replied. “Of course I remember.” I said that, but how would I know what items are in there? Only the real Su Xi-er would know, since those items belong to her.


Tan Ge felt her heart tighten at her words, but quickly remembered to say, “I’ll go and sweep the floor.” She then swiftly left.


Determination appeared in Tan Ge’s eyes. I want to take a gamble. Even if Su Xi-er finds out and Prince Hao investigates the matter, I still can’t admit that I was the one who took it.


This jade pendant being in Su Xi-er’s possession doesn’t make sense with her background. There’s definitely something fishy going on.


A few hours later, the Imperial Library was once again enveloped with a festive mood. The eaves were fully covered with fluttering red silk, creating a sea of red.


Su Xi-er took her lunch in the Imperial Library before heading to the Imperial Household Department with Ruo Yuan and Hong Li.


However, only Hong Li and Ruo Yuan were able to find their cloth bundles since Wu Ling had taken Su Xi-er’s without notifying her.


“Prince Hao must have taken yours to help you safeguard it. You don’t have to worry.” Ruo Yuan smiled.


Su Xi-er nodded. “Let’s leave then.” I’ll ask Pei Qianhao about it tonight.


“Alright.” Ruo Yuan and Hong Li simultaneously replied.


The three of them then left the Imperial Household Department, and Su Xi-er stayed in the Imperial Library for the whole afternoon before returning to the Dragon Heaven Palace.




Tan Ge had been secretly observing Su Xi-er, and noticed that the latter acted like usual after coming back from the Imperial Household Department.


She only found out from Ruo Yuan later that Su Xi-er’s items had already been taken away by Pei Qianhao.


Does Prince Hao know what Su Xi-er’s cloth bundle contains? Tan Ge’s gaze deepened, only returning to her senses when Ruo Yuan called out to her.




Meanwhile, by the time Su Xi-er returned to the Dragon Heaven Palace and had dinner with Situ Lin, Pei Qianhao still hadn’t come back.


“Imperial Aunt, you should wash up first. Imperial Uncle is probably coming back late today because he has some matters to attend to.” Situ Lin giggled before lowering his voice. “Imperial Uncle will be even happier if he sees you waiting for him on the bed when he comes back.”

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