After their brief exchange, the two no longer said anything as they each headed for the Imperial Library and out of the imperial palace respectively.


When Tan Ge returned to the Imperial Library, she chanced upon Su Xi-er, Ruo Yuan, and Hong Li hanging the red silk.


“We have to put up the red silk a few days before the wedding, only to take it down and put it back up if it rains. Luckily, it shouldn’t rain for the next few days. It’s not inauspicious, but rather, we should take it as Heaven’s blessings for you.” Hong Li smiled as she took the red silk from Ruo Yuan and began hanging it.


Ruo Yuan giggled at Su Xi-er. “Hong Li found a book in the depository about wedding customs. It said something about hanging up the red silk twice so that the husband and wife can endure hardships in the future.”


Beimin and Nanzhao’s customs are very different; I didn’t know there was such a belief. Su Xi-er returned the smile, and just as she was about to reply, she saw Tan Ge walking over from the corner of her eye.


Tan Ge had also noticed Su Xi-er looking at her. “I have finished sewing the handkerchief. Let me get it for you.”


“Tan Ge, you’re so fast!” Ruo Yuan was elated.


“With the wedding around the corner, I don’t have a choice but to be fast. You can all continue hanging the red silk while waiting for me.” Tan Ge then walked off.


Only after storing the brooms away properly did Tan Ge return to her own room, closing the door behind her. She then took the jade pendant out from her sleeve and held it up against the sunlight that shone through the cracks in her closed window.


With the illumination of the sunlight, the jade pendant appeared even more transparent and exquisite. Yet, despite now being able to clearly see the shape carved into the centre of the pendant, Tan Ge was surprised to find that she didn’t recognise the character.


It looks more like some kind of strange symbol than a character.


The puzzlement in her eyes grew deeper. Su Xi-er was just a little child back then; how did she get this jade pendant? Since Prince Hao is going to marry her, he will definitely retrieve this cloth bundle. When Su Xi-er opens it up and finds the jade pendant missing, Prince Hao will undoubtedly start an investigation.


Tan Ge’s eyebrows were scrunched up. I have to carefully hide this jade pendant and make sure that no one discovers it. I can’t even let Commandery Prince Xie know about this.


She vaguely felt that this jade pendant was very important. Considering that Su Xi-er came from an impoverished background, perhaps this jade pendant doesn’t belong to her. Maybe she accidentally picked it up when she was young, then treated it like a children’s toy and brought it to the imperial palace.


Even if Su Xi-er realises that the jade pendant has gone missing, she wouldn’t be able to find out who took it. However, Tan Ge wasn’t aware that the current Su Xi-er didn’t even know that the jade pendant existed! After all, she was now the woman formerly known as Ning Rulan!


Tan Ge placed the jade pendant in the wardrobe and walked to the bed, taking out the handkerchief beneath the pillow before walking out.


Upon exiting the room, she saw that the rooms next to hers had already been decorated with red silk, and that the trio was now heading towards another set of rooms.


After catching up to them, she handed the handkerchief to Su Xi-er. “Take a look. Do you like it?”


Su Xi-er took the crimson handkerchief and saw the orchid flower embroidered at the bottom of it. What a coincidence; it really matches with my previous name.


“Thank you, I like it very much.” Su Xi-er’s eyes carried a smile as she kept the handkerchief in her sleeve.


Ruo Yuan pouted. “The handkerchief is so pretty; it’s a pity that the bride has to throw it away before entering the groom’s house.”


“The bride throwing the handkerchief signifies throwing away her bad temper, but the surrounding civilians can catch it. The lady who catches it will meet with good fortune.” Hong Li explained as she bent down to pick up more red silk.


Ruo Yuan didn’t understand, and looked towards Su Xi-er. “Why would other ladies meet with good fortune when the bride is throwing away her temper?”

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