The next day, Tan Ge’s body had mostly recovered, and she felt energised after regaining all her strength. She had also finished sewing the handkerchief, and was just waiting for Su Xi-er to come to the Imperial Library to collect it. It was red with an orchid flower sewn at the bottom corner.


This flower reflected the impression Tan Ge had of Su Xi-er. A rare elegant and lofty demeanour, attracting others with her unique disposition.


She had sincerely sewn the handkerchief, every thread encompassing her blessings towards Su Xi-er. Even if the two of them were walking on different paths, she still respected Su Xi-er.


With her body almost recovered, Tan Ge decided that it was time for her to get to work. Hence, she placed the handkerchief beneath her pillow and left the room.


Grand Tutor Kong happened to pass by and see her. “How are you feeling?”


“Much better. This servant can work now.” Tan Ge respectfully replied.


Grand Tutor Kong nodded. “Do something light then. Go and get two new brooms from the Imperial Household Department.”


“This servant obeys the order.” Tan Ge bowed and went on her way.


Looking at the Imperial Library, Grand Tutor Kong sighed. Due to the pouring rain, Ruo Yuan and Hong Li had to quickly take down the red silk. The Chinese geomancy[1] master did say that it wouldn’t rain for the next few days after observing the meteorological occurrences though, so I should ask them to hang it back up today.


Just as the idea crossed his mind, he saw Ruo Yuan and Hong Li carrying some red silk in their hands, preparing to hang them up.




Meanwhile, Tan Ge had arrived at the Imperial Household Department. After explaining the purpose of her visit, the eunuch at the entrance let her in.


“The brooms are in the storage room located in the backyard of the Imperial Household Department.” The eunuch pointed in a direction.


Tan Ge thanked him and made her way to the backyard, overhearing two palace maids grumble while moving some things in another room. “We have to wipe off all the dust on the shelves today, but it’s not like the things inside are valuable.”


“Don’t say that. These are items that every palace maid brings from home when they enter the palace. When I arrived, I brought a hairpin passed down by my ancestors.”


“How much money can you exchange the hairpin for?”


“Even if it’s not valuable, it’s a memento.” The palace maid walked forward, preparing to retrieve a feather duster from the storage room.


Tan Ge saw both of them departing while leaving the doors to the room they were in wide open. A glint flickered across her eyes, and after verifying nobody else was around, she quickly slipped in.


There were rows of tall and large shelves with the name of each palace maid attached to small cloth bundles lining them. Each section was labelled by the names of the various palaces.


Tan Ge immediately spotted the section for the Imperial Library. As there were only a few palace maids in the Imperial Library, it took her no effort to find Su Xi-er’s cloth bundle.


Since the two palace maids had yet to come back, she immediately took the cloth bundle down.


Tan Ge knew that apart from the items brought from their home, each palace maid’s cloth bundle would also contain a piece of paper stating their birth information, home address, and circumstances of their parents.


She wanted to become stronger, but she understood that she was currently very far away from her goal. I must pretend to obey Xie Yun, so I must finish the tasks given by him. Only then can I make him lower his guard.


Swiftly opening the cloth bundle, Tan Ge saw that there was a small pouch in it, containing a small and refined dark green jade pendant[2]. It was exquisitely crafted, and very smooth and round.


She tried to take a closer look at an indiscernible character carved on the edge of the jade pendant, but it was too faded for her to make out anything.

1. Also known as Feng Shui.

2. There are many designs, but I tried to find an example based on the description.

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