“I’ll control whatever you have. If you’re afraid, you can beg for mercy, and I can consider being lenient.”


“This Prince won’t be afraid no matter how controlling you are.” He kissed her forehead, then her eyes, and slowly moved downwards to capture her lips, deepening the kiss.


Su Xi-er parted her lips to receive him, closing her eyes as she felt his warm breath on her face.


The temperature in the horse carriage rapidly shot up, with Pei Qianhao pressing her against the wall. His right hand brushed against the sash around her waist, and with a slight pull, his hand was touching her soft skin.


His hand continued to rub against her as their kiss deepened, only stopping when Su Xi-er left out a soft moan.


Recalling Imperial Physician Zhao’s words, Pei Qianhao suppressed his internal fire, giving her lips one last peck before tying her sash again. I almost couldn’t restrain myself and did the deed with her in the carriage.




Contrary to the warmth in the horse carriage, it was a totally different scene at the temple in the mountains of Beimin.


Pei Yaran had stayed in the temple for many days, but had yet to see or hear a word from Xie Yun. Without any information or company, she was not only lonely, but growing increasingly unsettled!


Did they send guards to search for me? Can Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er still get married? The more she thought about it, the more worried she became. I can’t just keep staying here.


She decided to take matters into her own hands, but was stopped at the entrance of the courtyard she was staying in by one of the guards from the Commandery Prince Residence.


“This Empress Dowager wants to leave the mountains!” Pei Yaran flung her sleeves and glowered at the guard.


“The Commandery Prince has ordered that you cannot leave the mountains, Empress Dowager.”


“This Empress Dowager also has an order! I must leave the mountains. Move aside!” Pei Yaran stepped to the side, planning to walk out of the door.


However, the guard blocked her again. “Empress Dowager, if you insist on leaving the mountains, this subordinate can only resort to force.” He unsheathed the sword at his waist to demonstrate his intent.


Pei Yaran’s expression stiffened. Xie Yun! To think that he ordered the guards to treat me like this! How could I have fallen for his trick?! Staying in a place surrounded by mountains is akin to being held captive! How could I have been so stupid to trust him so easily?


I must find a way to leave. If forcing my way out doesn’t work, then I’ll wait for an opportunity when the guards aren’t paying attention to secretly slip away!


With her mind made up, Pei Yaran pretended to make a concession, and turned back to her room. She stayed there for the entire day, waiting until night fell before asking to follow the abbot to the Buddha hall.


The guard didn’t pay much heed to it, and simply allowed her to do so.


After entering for a short while, Pei Yaran lied that her stomach was feeling unwell, and left by the back door.


The guard kept waiting outside the entrance of the Buddha hall for a long time. Only when the abbot came and informed him that Pei Yaran had gone missing did he immediately go down the mountains to look for her.


Meanwhile, Pei Yaran was treading on the mountain path. Her surroundings were enshrouded in darkness, and the cries of various insects frightened her. However, as soon as Su Xi-er’s face flashed through her mind, hatred supplanted her fear.


After a long while, she suddenly heard the sound of approaching footsteps. Afraid that she would get caught and brought back to the temple, she climbed up a slope, and into the undergrowth.


Her heart wildly thumped against her chest without a path to follow, and she had only taken a few steps before she tripped over a stone.


“Ah!” She yelped as she uncontrollably rolled down the slope. Her head slammed against a large rock on her way down, immediately rendering her unconscious.

Hearing her scream, the guard immediately walked into the woods, but found no one. I must report to Commandery Prince Xie that the Empress Dowager has secretly gone down the mountain by herself!

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