Ning Lianchen let out a soft chuckle. “That’s because she’s Fairy Elder Sister, while you’re not.”


So that’s how it is. Liu Yinyin nodded and softly replied, “Regardless of who it is, they will become gentle when they see Fairy Elder Sister. Even you do so; you’re so fierce to me, but to Fairy Elder Sister...”


Before she could finish, Ning Lianchen had already begun berating her. “Nonsense, I will punish you to write lines if you continue to be disobedient..”


“I won’t say anything more then. I don’t want to write lines. You can write them if you want.” Liu Yinyin huffily glared at him before making some space between them.


Irked by Ning Lianchen, Liu Yinyin ignored Pei Qianhao’s cold gaze as she walked to Su Xi-er’s side and sweetly said, “Fairy Elder Sister, why don’t I help you scatter the red petals on the day of the wedding?”


Liu Yinyin had learnt this from a play script, not realising that Beimin had no such tradition.


Without waiting for Su Xi-er’s reply, Ning Lianchen dragged her over. “Don’t mess around. No country has this custom.”


However, Su Xi-er smiled. “This idea sounds pretty good.” She then looked at Pei Qianhao. “Am I right?”


Pei Qianhao would agree with anything she said. Who cares whether it is a custom or not? We’ll do it as long as she likes it.  

Hence, Pei Qianhao replied, “If you like it, this Prince will order someone to acquire the red petals.”


Ning Lianchen was stunned. It’s already winter, and the flowers have already withered. The only flowers that are blooming are plum blossoms, but they aren’t red, making them inappropriate to use during a wedding.


However, the happiest person was Liu Yinyin, who was smiling as she smugly looked at Ning Lianchen. “Did you hear that? Fairy Elder Sister agreed! Just imagine how festive it’ll be! I want to be the one to scatter petals for her that day; it’ll be something that only Fairy Elder Sister’s wedding has, the only one in the world!”


A smile tugged at Pei Qianhao’s mouth as appreciation emerged in his eyes. “You said it well. This Prince really likes the phrase ‘only one in the world’.”


Liu Yinyin was surprised. I didn’t expect the cold man to praise me!


She became even more smug as a result, nudging Ning Lianchen with her elbow. However, it wasn’t long before he grabbed her wrist, signalling for her to stop messing around.


”This Prince allowed you to stay in the posthouse for a night, and you have also managed to listen to what Grand Tutor Liu’s daughter wanted to tell you. Now, you can return with this Prince.” Pei Qianhao took the wedding dress and earnestly folded it.


Su Xi-er nodded to Ning Lianchen before looking at Liu Yinyin. “Come and scatter the red petals on the day of my wedding then.”


“Fairy Elder Sister, you’re really nice.” Liu Yinyin sweetly smiled in joy.


At last, Pei Qianhao grabbed her hand before nodding at Ning Lianchen. He then left the posthouse with Su Xi-er, boarding a horse carriage bound for the imperial palace.


Inside the carriage, Pei Qianhao carefully observed Su Xi-er, and noticed that her complexion had improved. She must be very happy about being able to meet with her younger brother yesterday.


“Do you like the wedding dress?” Pei Qianhao scooted closer to her and asked.


Su Xi-er raised her head. “The wedding dress sewn by Aunt Liu is very good, and I like it a lot. However, even if we’ve promised Liu Yinyin that she can scatter red petals during the wedding, where will we find them now that it’s winter?”


“This Prince naturally has a way.” Pei Qianhao’s gaze was deep.


An idea sprung into Su Xi-er’s mind. “We can use red silk to make red cloth flowers.”


Her idea was exactly what he had in mind. Pei Qianhao took her into his embrace and planted his warm lips on her forehead. “You have learnt to read this Prince’s mind.”


Su Xi-er hugged him back and laughed. “How am I going to control you if I don’t understand your thoughts?”


“Control this Prince? How do you plan on doing that? Are you referring to my money, property, or…?” A teasing look appeared in Pei Qianhao’s eyes as he tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

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