Old Maidservant Li’s body trembled as her legs went limp. Prince Hao has never come to the Laundry Service Bureau, so why did he come tonight?! Don’t tell me that...


She looked at the child standing beside her. He is really the reigning emperor! If that’s really the case, every single word I just said is a capital offence. Even my life isn’t enough.


However, Situ Lin was not in any better state than Old Maidservant Li. He revered, yet at the same time, feared Prince Hao. 


His biological mother had passed away the day she gave birth to him. Afterwards, he followed his wet nurse to a Noble Lady[1]’s palace. Later, that Noble Lady also died, resulting in him being raised by the current Empress Dowager.


As the Empress Dowager and Prince Hao were siblings, the number of times he met Prince Hao naturally increased. In front of people and behind doors, he had to call Prince Hao ‘Imperial Uncle,’ even if Prince Hao’s surname was Pei.


Situ Lin became nervous. If I get caught red-handed, is Prince Hao going to punish me?


His adorable face filled with panic at the thought of being caught. When he wanted to take the initiative to admit to his mistakes, he saw Old Maidservant Li kneel down with a plop and lie prostrate on the ground, her whole body trembling. 


“This servant pays her respects to Prince Hao!”


Situ Lin lowered his head and no longer spoke. Immediately after that, he saw Prince Hao’s cloud embroidered black shoes appear within his sight.


He raised his large hand and caressed the top of Situ Lin’s small head. His words that were overflowing with a dignified aura entered his ears.


I haven’t said anything when you’ve sneaked out of the repose palace in the past This time however, you created a disturbance in the Laundry Service Bureau. How do you think I should punish you?”


Situ Lin’s tender voice sounded again, “Imperial Uncle, I’m sorry. I was wrong. I shouldn’t have sneaked out, and I shouldn’t have come to the Laundry Service Bureau. Imperial Uncle, you should just beat me.”


Hidden in the woods, Su Xi-er felt a pain in her heart when she saw this scene. Is my imperial younger brother, Ning Lianchen, like Beimin’s little emperor? Controlled by others, having no freedom at all, and punished with a beating at the slightest mistake?


Lianchen is only slightly older than this little emperor. He must feel indignant about such grievances in his heart. He is living in such pain and suffering, yet there is no one beside him to help him.


The pain in her heart intensified upon thinking of this. When she saw Pei Qianhao’s calm and motionless eyes, the expression in her eyes began to turn cold as she involuntarily clenched her fists.


Pei Qianhao waved his hand and instructed Wu Ling, “Whip.”


Wu Ling was taken aback, his expression showing that he didn’t have the heart to do it. He’s just a child. Disregarding if he was beaten in the past, he is already ten years old. If Prince Hao still continues to beat him, isn’t that not too good?


“Whip.” His tone became even more chilly. Wu Ling could only take the whip out and pass it to Prince Hao.


Situ Lin shut his eyes and knelt down on his own. “I was wrong, Imperial Uncle. Just go ahead and beat me. I am willing to accept the punishment.”


“You only care about playing. How are you going to bear the responsibility of looking after the citizens of Beimin in the future? I hope that you are really willing to accept the punishment,” Pei Qianhao replied coldly. The black whip in his hand quickly landed on Situ Lin’s small and weak back.


The sound of the whip sounded again and again entered Su Xi-er’s ears. She looked at Situ Lin illuminated by the moonlight and bit her lips.


Prince Hao didn’t hold back any of his considerable strength when swinging the whip that repeatedly landed on Situ Lin’s small frame.


After five swings, Situ Lin’s clothes were already torn, while his hands were tightly clenched, Despite this, he bit his lips firmly, not daring to make a sound.

1. One of the rank of imperial consorts. The rank of Noble Lady is higher than the rank of Lady of Talent, which was the rank of Situ Lin’s biological mother.

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