Creak. The door was pushed open again, and Qing Ling rushed in. “Prince Yun, Commandery Prince Xie is 30 kilometres away, and a general under him has died. With such matters preoccupying him, I’m afraid that he won’t be able to return to the capital in time.”


“Pei Qianhao is not someone to be trifled with. He definitely won’t forgive Commandery Prince Xie, but even then, our plan will still proceed as usual. His absence won’t affect this Prince.” Yun Ruofeng was composed, and a trace of determination was clear in his eyes.


“What should we do if the plan fails and Prince Hao catches up to us?” Qin Ling frankly expressed his concern.


If it was anybody but Prince Hao, there wouldn’t be a need to worry. But just as Prince Yun has said, Prince Hao cannot be easily trifled with.


“That won’t happen.” Yun Ruofeng shifted his gaze outside the window.


Qin Ling looked in the same direction and caught sight of Su Xi-er walking out of the embroidery house with a large bundle of crimson cloth in her hands. Soon after, a horse carriage came and picked up the trio before heading off.


The large crimson bundle should be the wedding dress, right? Realising that, Qin Ling turned around to check Yun Ruofeng’s expression, only to see that his pupils were black as ink.


Prince Yun has always put on a gentle demeanour in front of others, but ever since he entered Beimin, his expression is often dark and brooding. All of this is because of Su Xi-er, the woman who can influence Prince Yun’s every thought and action.


Qin Ling didn’t understand why Yun Ruofeng cared so much about Su Xi-er despite only interacting with her for a few days. He even came to Beimin alone in order to try to snatch Prince Hao’s bride away.


“Withdraw, this Prince wants to rest.” Yun Ruofeng shut the window, blocking off the celebratory atmosphere of the streets.


My heart can only find solace by not looking at it.


“This subordinate shall take my leave.” Qin Ling cupped his fists and turned to leave. He was very clear that Yun Ruofeng’s expression would become increasingly foul as the wedding approached, even if the night of the wedding would be when they would snatch Su Xi-er away.




In the posthouse, Liu Yinyin’s eyes shone as she looked at the unfolded wedding dress. “It looks really nice! Fairy Elder Sister will definitely look very beautiful with this on! No wonder you didn’t agree to return to Nanzhao with me yesterday. So it’s because you’re marrying in a few days.”


A husky male voice immediately sounded. “Princess Consort Hao naturally has to remain in Beimin.”


Liu Yinyin was turned around in surprise, noticing a man clad in purplish-blue robes standing at the entrance of the room. His deep eyes and cold aura scared her into silence, and she quickly hid behind Ning Lianchen.


Su Xi-er glanced at Pei Qianhao and chided, “She’s only 10. Don’t scare her.”


With her reminder, Pei Qianhao relaxed, the cold disposition somewhat dissipating. His earlier response had been a knee-jerk reaction after being displeased by Liu Yinyin’s casual remark about Su Xi-er returning to Nanzhao.


Although Liu Yinyin was still afraid, she peeked her head out from behind Ning Lianchen and cautiously looked at Su Xi-er. “He is your husband?”


“Mmm. Come and look at the wedding dress. Is it beautiful?” Su Xi-er showed the wedding dress to Pei Qianhao, too occupied by her excitement to realise that it would be inappropriate to display the wedding dress to Pei Qianhao in front of Ning Lianchen.


If it had been in the past, Pei Qianhao would definitely have been displeased. But now, he knew that the man standing in front of him was his younger brother-in-law, as well as Su Xi-er’s only remaining family.


Pei Qianhao took a few steps forward, a smile reaching the recesses of his eyes. “You look beautiful in whatever you wear.”

Liu Yinyin was surprised. He was so cold just a moment ago, but has suddenly become gentle. She poked Ning Lianchen and whispered, “Why is he so cold to us, but full of tenderness when it comes to Fairy Elder Sister?”

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She poked Ning Lianchen and whispered, “Why is he so cold to us, but full of tenderness when it comes to Fairy Elder Sister?”

I guess Liu Yinyin will understand when she grows up haha (though she seems to be maturing faster than other children lol)