When Liu Yinyin saw Ning Lianchen’s temper flare up, she knew that it wouldn’t be wise to push her luck. Thus, she stopped talking and focused on her meal instead.


Su Xi-er smiled as she put some food in Liu Yinyin’s bowl, while Ning Lianchen’s expression also returned to normal as he began eating.


The night gales grew even more intense, and a downpour of rain suddenly pelted against the windows. Frightened by the noise of the splattering rain, Liu Yinyin shivered, but was quickly calmed down when she saw Su Xi-er and Ning Lianchen.


After Pei Qianhao finished his meal in the Dragon Heaven Palace, he checked on Situ Lin’s progress in writing before returning to the side hall to wash up.


Looking at the empty bed, Pei Qianhao’s eyes darkened. I’ll just give her one night to spend time with Ning Lianchen. Starting tomorrow though, she’s going to be completely mine!


After removing his socks, Pei QIanhao lifted the quilt and lied down in the bed, taking in the faint remains of her fragrance.


Pei Qianhao closed his eyes, and before he fell asleep, wondered, What could those siblings be talking about? 


It was a bright and sunny day the next morning, with even the breeze being warm. The streets were filled with festivities as each household collected a strip of red silk from the local government office to hang beside their door.


Earlier this morning, Pei Qianhao had passed down a verbal edict that the capital was to be decorated so that there would be a festive mood for his wedding. The local government offices distributing red silk was only a part of this order.


With the commoners rushing to collect the red silk and the golden sunlight illuminating their faces, a lively and celebratory atmosphere soon pervaded the capital.


It only took a few hours before the atmosphere of the capital completely transformed, with its streets being filled by conversations about Prince Hao and Princess Consort Hao.


“Princess Consort Hao must have accumulated much fortune in her previous lifetimes to have met a man like Prince Hao.”


“Prince Hao treats her so sincerely. The wedding is on such a grand scale, and even the monarchs of other countries have come. Nanzhao’s Emperor arrived yesterday, and the rulers of Dongling and Xiliu will come today.”


“It doesn’t pale in comparison to the lively atmosphere during the state banquet!”


The heated discussions carried throughout the morning and into the afternoon.


Yun Ruofeng looked at the main streets through the window, the scene of red silk fluttering in the wind deeply stabbing his heart.


He tightly clutched the teacup in his right hand as tumultuous emotions seized his heart. Although he was already mentally prepared, his heart still ached at the sight, and his strong grip soon shattered the teacup.


Qin Ling walked in at this moment, and was briefly stunned by the sight of the shards of porcelain falling to the ground before he held a letter out. “Prince Yun, a personal guard of the Third Imperial Prince sent this letter.”


Yun Ruofeng’s expression normalised as he reached his hand out to take the letter. Upon reading through it, the corners of his mouth rose before he held the letter over a candle, letting it turn to ash.


“We will lay low for the next few days before acting on the night of Prince Hao’s wedding.”


Qin Ling bowed. “This subordinate obeys the order.”


“Withdraw.” Yun Ruofeng waved his hand as he spoke, his gaze never leaving the red silk hanging from the commoners’ houses.


After Qin Ling had left the room, Yun Ruofeng happened to see Su Xi-er, Ning Lianchen, and Liu Yinyin dressed in casual clothes. They were jovially chatting and bantering as they walked on a main street, making their way to the embroidery house.


The owner of that embroidery house is surnamed ‘Liu,’ and her needlework is exquisite. She specialises in wedding dresses, so is Su Xi-er here to look at them? But why isn’t Pei Qianhao here? Also, why is he allowing Su Xi-er and Ning Lianchen to be together?

Suspicion shrouded Yun Ruofeng’s eyes. This doesn’t seem like Pei Qianhao’s usual style.

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