CHAPTER 408 (2): 'XI' AND 'HAO'

Ning Lianchen shook his head. “His body isn’t faring well, and he has been recuperating in the Prince Yun Residence with Imperial Physician Fang treating him. Staying in the Prince Yun Residence for the rest of his life can be considered his punishment. Even if he has really turned over a new leaf, I still can’t forgive him.”


Ning Lianchen still thought that Yun Ruofeng was in the Prince Yun Residence after drinking Imperial Physician Fang’s medicine. Little did he know that Yun Ruofeng was currently not far away from the posthouse.


“No matter how his condition is, you mustn’t let down your guard. Are you sure that he’s still in the Prince Yun Residence? Does he know that I’m getting married?” Su Xi-er asked with a solemn gaze.


Ning Lianchen was confident. “I am sure that he is. I made a trip to the Prince Yun Residence before leaving for Beimin; he was down with a cold and lying in bed.”


“Mmm, that’s good then.” Seeing how certain Ning Lianchen was, Su Xi-er was no longer doubtful.


Right at this moment, a guard’s voice could be heard from outside the room. “Your Majesty, Miss Yinyin is making an even greater fuss; do you want to go and visit her?”


Su Xi-er immediately urged Ning Lianchen. “Quickly go and coax her. She’s just 10 years old.”


“I will come back afterwards so that we can have a meal together.” Ning Lianchen left the room, closing the door behind him.


“How is she making a scene? Climbing a tree or darting under the bed?” Ning Lianchen was calm, as Liu Yinyin had already thrown plenty of tantrums before this.


However, the guard’s reply caused his expression to change. “It’s more serious this time. She got a strip of cloth from who knows where, and is planning to hang herself.”


The guard felt a burst of wind from beside him as the words left his mouth, and was left astonished at how quickly Ning Lianchen had rounded the corner ahead of them.


While Su Xi-er quietly waited in the room, she took out the wooden hairpin from her sleeve and constantly stroked the ‘Xi’ and ‘Hao’ characters.” After a while, she pulled out the red string around her neck, and gazed at the pearl hanging from it.


These two items were given to me by the two most important men to me. I will definitely guard both kinship and love well.


A warm feeling enveloped her heart, and a smile tugged at her lips. Only after a long while did she stow away the white pearl and wooden hairpin.


The sky had darkened, and the growing sound of the howling wind made it seem like a storm was on its way.


All of a sudden, the door was pushed open, revealing a brightly smiling Liu Yinyin. Behind her were a few guards carrying trays of hot food.


“Fairy Elder Sister, let’s eat together. Quickly bring them in.” She instructed the guards.


There were five dishes, two vegetarian and two non-vegetarian. In addition to that was three bowls of rice, as well as some egg soup.


After the guards had set the table, they respectfully bowed and withdrew.


Ning Lianchen walked in and closed the door. “It’s going to rain soon.”


Liu Yinyin giggled, any sign of a tantrum long gone. She ran to Ning Lianchen and pulled on his hand without any care for propriety. “I’m scared of sleeping alone on a rainy day. Can I go to your room to sleep tonight?”


Ning Lianchen shook her hand off and solemnly replied, “Stop messing around.”


“How am I messing around?” Liu Yinyin pouted and sat on the chair with a wronged expression.


Su Xi-er picked up a pair of chopsticks and passed it to Liu Yinyin. “Yinyin, you are a girl, and will eventually grow up. How can you sleep with a Lianchen, who is a man? Why not sleep with me tonight?”


Liu Yinyin didn’t understand the difference between sleeping with a man and a woman, but was naturally willing to go along with Su Xi-er’s offer.


“Fairy Elder Sister, I’ll sleep with you. I don’t want to sleep with a fierce person.” She took the chopsticks and helped to place some food in Su Xi-er’s bowl.


Su Xi-er accepted her gesture with a smile before casting a meaningful glance at Ning Lianchen.


Understanding, he tried to place some food in Liu Yinyin’s bowl. Unexpectedly though, she pulled her bowl away, refusing the gesture. “I don’t need you to pick up the food for me. I can do it by myself.”


“What did I just tell you? You can’t be so willful here in Beimin. You should try to keep your temper in check.” Ning Lianchen’s face darkened to the point that Liu Yinyin became slightly fearful.

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