Su Xi-er was dumbstruck. Pregnant? Lianchen is going to have a child soon?


"Fairy Elder Sister, if you don't go back with me, I really won't have a single family member left. His Majesty will only chide me, and even if Fang Lingdang pretends to be gentle, she’ll use underhanded methods. I will be pitiful and all alone in the imperial palace." Liu Yinyin's tears continued to pour down her face.


Seeing her swollen eyes, Su Xi-er continued patting her back and softly coaxing her. However, Liu Yinyin only bawled louder despite her efforts.


It was to this scene that Ning Lianchen walked into, confounding him. Why is Yinyin crying so badly? Shouldn't she be happy about seeing Imperial Elder Sister?


Hearing the sound of footsteps, Su Xi-er raised her head and saw Ning Lianchen standing there alone. Shouldn't he be entertaining Pei Qianhao in the main hall? Why did he come to the backyard alone?


"Prince Hao has left. He suggested that you should spend the night here since Yinyin misses you." Ning Lianchen explained with a smile on his face, though the reality was quite different.


Ning Lianchen would never forget the exchange that had just occurred in the main hall. Prince Hao’s observation skills are top-notch, and many clues were already uncovered by him. There’s no way I could have hidden the truth from him, so I decided to simply be honest.


However, the words that came from Pei Qianhao’s mouth afterwards had only served to astonish him more. "Your Imperial Elder Sister is this Prince's woman in this lifetime. On account of you two siblings having been apart for so long, we should let her stay in the posthouse for tonight."


Finally, before Pei Qianhao left, he had emphasised that Ning Lianchen mustn't let Su Xi-er find out about what transpired.


Ning Lianchen naturally knew what he was referring to. I mustn't let Imperial Elder Sister know that Prince Hao has already found out her true identity. I had only given him my first level of approval as my older brother-in-law, but his last few words have completely won me over.


'Soul insertion' and being reborn after death isn’t something that most people would believe. Only family and people loyal to Imperial Elder Sister would be convinced, yet Pei Qianhao has also chosen to believe in it. Not only that, he has even made up his mind to protect her by her side! I can see how much he treasures her.


I, Ning Lianchen, accept this older brother-in-law!


Su Xi-er noticed Ning Lianchen becoming lost in thought, and couldn't help but ask, "What's with Imperial Physician Fang's daughter getting pregnant?"


Ning Lianchen suddenly snapped back to his senses. He understood her question after looking at the sobbing Liu Yinyin. "There's no such thing. Fang Lingdang is innocent, and she has nothing to do with me."


"Innocent? You're even speaking up for her!" Liu Yinyin stopped weeping and reached out her hand to push Ning Lianchen.


However, the small amount of strength she mustered up with her small frame wasn't even enough to make him budge.


Su Xi-er understood that it was just a matter of Liu Yinyin thinking too much. But this reaction of hers really looks like she's jealous. Could she be interested in Lianchen? Su Xi-er began calculating their age difference. If Lianchen is also interested in Yinyin, it's possible for the two of them to be together.


"Guards, come and send Yinyin back to her room." Ning Lianchen grabbed Liu Yinyin's hands as he called for the guards at the entrance of the backyard.


A guard acknowledged the order and walked over. Liu Yinyin harrumphed before striding forward by herself in a fit, showing her annoyance with Ning Lianchen.


Watching Liu Yinyin's departing figure, Ning Lianchen sighed. "I don't know what's wrong with Yinyin. She has been making a fuss and giving me the cold shoulder in this period of time. At the same time Imperial Physician Fang’s daughter is gentle and polite; voluntarily staying in the palace to restrict her father."


With only the two of them left in the backyard, Su Xi-er looked at him and seriously said, "I won't comment too much about these matters, but from what I have seen, Yinyin likes you. The rest is up to you."

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