Naturally, Su Xi-er was ignorant of what was happening in the main hall. When she arrived at the backyard of the posthouse, she saw Liu Yinyin watching the darkening sky alone, murmuring something with her hand raised up.


Only when Su Xi-er got closer did she hear Liu Yinyin counting. "One, two, three, four…"


Following the young girl’s finger, Su Xi-er discovered that she was counting the dark clouds in the sky.


Liu Yinyin suddenly stopped and turned around, looking at Su Xi-er in surprise. A moment later, she shouted, "Fairy Elder Sister!" Her face lit up with excitement as she grabbed Su Xi-er’s hand like the latter was a close family member.


The reason was simple: Su Xi-er had been around when Liu Yinyin saw her parents for the last time. She distinctly remembered Su Xi-er coming out from her father’s study, and even recalled that her mother had treated the latter with respect.


Su Xi-er's eyes curved into a smile as she raised her hand to caress Lou Yinyin's head. "Yinyin, have you been obedient while I wasn't around?"


"Yes, I have been very obedient." Liu Yinyin repeatedly nodded before her expression suddenly fell, and her voice became quiet. "Fairy Elder Sister, when you came out of daddy's study that day, had he already passed away?"


Countless emotions flickered across Su Xi-er's eyes. She still found out about her parents' deaths in the end. How can such a small child bear a cruel truth like this?


"Fairy Elder Sister, please don't lie to me. Did my dad already pass away that day? You knew that my mum was also about to die when you brought me away. My parents entrusted me to you, right?" Liu Yinyin's eyes contained a maturity that did not belong to someone her age.


Su Xi-er didn't hide it from her anymore. "Yinyin, your parents died for the country. Nanzhao and the Ning Imperial Household will remember them. Your whole life will be guaranteed to be free of worries."


"I don't know who you exactly are, but my parents trusted you; this means that I can also trust you. Fairy Elder Sister, please tell me, who killed my parents?" Liu Yinyin suddenly pulled Su Xi-er's sleeve with a dark hunger in her eyes.


"Yinyin, I can't tell you. However, I swear that they won’t be forgiven; it is only a matter of time until they receive their comeuppance." Su Xi-er grabbed Liu Yinyin's shoulders with an unwavering look.


"No, I want to know who it was! Fairy Elder Sister, I beg of you, please tell me." Liu Yinyin was persistent, and her tone firm.


"I will tell you the day the murderer dies. Until then, you must be obedient Yinyin." Su Xi-er pretended to put on a solemn expression.


Seeing her reaction, Liu Yinyin understood that Su Xi-er wouldn't tell her. The only people who know the identity of the murderer are Fairy Elder Sister and His Majesty, but both of them are unwilling to tell me. Must I really wait until the culprit dies to find out who they are?


"Yinyin, which repose palace do you stay at?" Su Xi-er asked as she caressed her head.


"Fairy Elder Sister, Yinyin misses you. Can you return to Nanzhao with me?" Liu Yinyin earnestly asked her with a smile.


Su Xi-er stopped her hand and softly replied, "I can’t go back. My home is in Beimin."


Hearing the word 'home', Liu Yinyin's expression immediately sank. "I have no home. Yinyin has no home anymore." She sobbed.


Su Xi-er gently patted her back. "Yinyin, when you come of age, you will be able to find your fated partner and get married. You’ll have a family, and a home as well."


"No, I don't have a home. Imperial Physician Fang's daughter is pregnant, and His Majesty is going to take her as an imperial consort soon. I am an outsider; His Majesty and Fang Lingdang are family." Tears were already streaming down her face.

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