A guard had already prepared a pot of hot tea in the main hall, pouring a cup for Pei Qianhao when he saw him entering.


Pei Qianhao took the cup, but passed it to Su Xi-er. “It’s cold outside. You should drink it to warm your body.” He then looked towards Ning Lianchen. “This Prince heard that Nanzhao has been continuing to implement the new policy. How is it going?”


His seemingly random question was actually deliberate. Su Xi-er is surely concerned about how the new policy is doing, but can’t ask on her own in my presence. Since that is the case, I’ll just ask in her stead.


I will help her ask anything she can’t ask herself.


Ning Lianchen had originally planned to make use of his trip to Beimin to find an opportunity to inform Su Xi-er about the progress of the new policy, and Pei Qianhao’s question was just what he needed.


Hence, he placed down the cup and immediately replied, “We have been implementing all of the originally proposed changes, and even the more stubborn court officials are gradually giving in. The commoners have nothing but praise for the new policies, and Nanzhao is slowly improving as a result.”


Pei Qianhao nodded. “Your Majesty, this Prince must admit that I am very impressed by the person who drafted the new policy. Every country would benefit by adopting aspects from Nanzhao’s new policies.”


Su Xi-er looked at him. For him to give such high praise, it appears that he also plans to borrow from Nanzhao’s new policies to improve Beimin.


“What’s wrong?” Pei Qianhao suddenly turned to look at her.


Su Xi-er laughed. “I’m just confused. I don’t understand the new policy you two are talking about.”


“How could you not understand when you’re so smart?” Pei Qianhao countered before shifting his attention to Ning Lianchen. “Your Majesty, Beimin will definitely properly entertain you during your first stay in Beimin. Since it’s currently peaceful in Nanzhao, Your Majesty can stay in Beimin longer.”


Ning Lianchen had already planned to stay in Beimin for a while; Pei Qianhao’s suggestion just made it more convenient. “Prince Hao, your kind hospitality is received with much gratitude.” He then looked at Su Xi-er. “Miss Xi-er, you happened to meet Grand Tutor Liu’s daughter the last time you were in Nanzhao. She has come to Beimin this time to see you.”


Su Xi-er naturally remembered Liu Yinyin. She’s a very adorable little girl.


“You should go to the backyard of the posthouse to meet her.” Pei Qianhao moved closer to Su Xi-er and softly said.


The corners of Su Xi-er’s mouth raised as she nodded. “I’ll go and take a look.” She stood up from her chair and headed out of the main hall.


Ning Lianchen felt his heart settling down after taking in the two’s intimate actions. Prince Hao has received my first level of acknowledgement as my older brother-in-law.


However, Ning Lianchen was shocked by Pei Qianhao’s next words.


“Your Majesty, do you believe in the occult?” Pei Qianhao’s expression was solemn, and his voice carried a trace of frostiness as his eyes gleamed like bottomless pits.


Ning Lianchen’s voice was clear as he feigned confusion. “Of course I don’t believe in the occult. Why do you ask, Prince Hao?”


“Do you really not believe in it?” Pei Qianhao’s eyes slightly narrowed for a moment.


“Prince Hao, you are clearly getting at something; please just explain it directly.” Ning Lianchen planned to get straight to the point, and his expression also became solemn.


A soft chuckle escaped from Pei Qianhao’s lips. “This Prince should be calling you Younger Brother-in-law instead of Your Majesty.”


Ning Lianchen’s entire body froze in astonishment when he heard the words. Could it be that Prince Hao has discovered Imperial Elder Sister’s true identity, or did she tell him? What other reason would there be for him to address me like that? Was Imperial Elder Sister the one who told him?


Impossible! If she had told him, she would definitely have mentioned it in the letter. How did Pei Qianhao find out? How should I reply? Should I admit or deny it?

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