“Imperial Aunt, you are so nice. It’s something very simple. Just try to control Imperial Uncle more in the future. Pester him and put in a good word for me. Tell him about how hardworking and earnest I am.” Situ Lin blurted out a bunch of requests before blinking. “Imperial Aunt, is that alright?”


Su Xi-er laughed. “I will keep him in check after we get married. It’s just that I have never liked to lie. I will state the facts as they are; whatever I see from Your Majesty will be what I tell him.”


“Ah! Imperial Aunt, how could you be like that?!” Situ Lin was frightened. I didn’t expect Imperial Aunt to be so ferocious when she looks so gentle!


“You have to diligently learn from Grand Tutor Kong; about governing the country, and about leading the army from Prince Hao. You should also learn to discuss with the ministers in the court; it’ll only become busier when you come of age, so you must become even more hardworking. Not only that, you must understand how to keep an open mind, and learn from other countries when you can. ”


The more Situ Lin listened, the more he respected Su Xi-er. Imperial Uncle has never told me to learn from other countries. Imperial Aunt seems to know quite a bit!


“Imperial Aunt, you’re so awesome!” Situ Lin couldn’t help but praise.


“Your Majesty, you have to listen more, look more, and do more. It is not only the fate of the Situ Imperial Household riding on your shoulders, but the fate of every citizen of Beimin as well.”


Situ Lin suddenly felt as if a mountain was weighing down on his shoulders, his originally cheerful visage becoming solemn. Imperial Uncle has always told me that it was important to read more books, practise writing, and work hard. He never told me why. Now that he had heard Su Xi-er’s explanation, the childish sentiments in his heart couldn’t help but quiet down.


“Your Majesty.” Su Xi-er couldn’t help but call out when she noticed his heavy expression.


Situ Lin suddenly raised his head, his eyes now containing a resolve that they never had. “I have always felt that Imperial Uncle was strict towards me; but Imperial Aunt, now that you have reminded me, I can only see how much Imperial Uncle has doted on me. He has been bearing all the heavy responsibilities for so many years, to the point where many of the court officials suspect him of trying to usurp the imperial throne. Now that I think about it, it has been really hard on Imperial Uncle.”


“That’s right, it has indeed been hard for him.” Su Xi-er patted Situ Lin’s shoulder to pacify him.


As Situ Li sunk into his own thoughts, another man’s voice rang out. “Your Majesty, you are getting mischievous again with Grand Tutor Kong gone.”


Su Xi-er turned her head in the direction of the voice, and saw that it was Situ Li.


Situ Lin immediately turned around. “Third Imperial Brother, I won’t be mischievous anymore.” He then walked to the table and opened up one of his copybooks, focusing his attention on it.


“He has suddenly become much more sensible.” Situ Li smiled before shifting his gaze to Su Xi-er.


“Third Imperial Prince, are you looking for this servant?”


“This Prince should be calling you ‘Princess Consort Hao.’ You don’t need to refer to yourself as ‘this servant’ in front of me.” Situ Li slowly reminded her before he took out a Lan Script copybook from his sleeve.


“This Prince came here today to consult you. Please give me some guidance. It won’t take too much time, and this Prince will be leaving immediately after we are finished.” Situ Li’s expression was aloof as he pointed at a word in the copybook. “How do you apply the brush at this curve?”


Su Xi-er lowered her head to take a look, intentionally studying it for a long time before replying, “When you are turning at the corner, point the tip slightly inwards, and lift the brush upwards. Then, turn it slightly upwards and exert some strength.”


“I see. I’ll go back and take a look again. However…” Situ Li used his hand to mime the strokes on the cupboard. “Flip to the 20th page. I will try demonstrating the three strokes. Please check if it looks correct.”


Su Xi-er nodded, and flipped to the page. However, she noticed the faint scent of tree leaves wafting up from the book.


“Why does the copybook smell like tree leaves?” Su Xi-er was puzzled as she gave the book another curious sniff.


Situ Li immediately replied, “That is this Prince’s smell. Since the copybook follows me around all the time, it naturally smells like me.”

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