Mei Jinxiu decided not to look at him, and simply walked away. However, she had only taken a few steps before Qin Ling pulled her back.


“What are you doing?” Mei Jinxiu turned around to look at him.


“If you go to the Prince Hao Residence right now, only death awaits you.”


Seeing his serious expression, Mei Jinxiu felt her heart skip a beat. Who’s going to kill me for going to the Prince Hao Residence to tip them off?


“Why do you want to go to the Prince Hao Residence?” Qin Ling let go of her and softly asked.


Mei Jinxiu sized him up for a moment. “Who says that I’m going to the Prince Hao Residence? I’m just heading home.” After the incident with Xie Yun, she had learnt not to easily believe others.


She initially thought that she could shake Qin Ling off that way, but she didn’t expect him to be persistent. “Where do you stay? I’ll send you back.”


Mei Jinxiu was suspicious. Are all men so clingy after kissing? Or could it be that he is suspicious of me?


“Let’s go.” Qin Ling pulled her in another direction without waiting for her reply. It’s clear that she knows something since she was captured by Xie Yun; I cannot allow her to go to the Prince Hao Residence.


“I won’t go!” Mei Jinxiu struggled to fling his hand away.


An old uncle happened to pass by and suddenly called out to Mei Jinxiu when he spotted her. “Physician Mei, why has your medical clinic been closed recently? There are a lot of people looking for your help.”


Qin Ling grew even more suspicious when he heard the words ‘Physician Mei’. Her surname is Mei; could she be from Nanzhao’s Mei Family?


“I have some matters to attend to. I’ll be opening the clinic in a few days.” Afraid that Qin Ling would find out her identity, Mei Jinxiu inwardly prayed. Old Uncle, please quickly leave.


The old uncle nodded, then looked at Qin Ling with a strange expression. This man should be Physician Mei’s husband, right? Thinking that he was interrupting them, the old uncle hurried off with the impression that the pair was bickering.


“You aren’t from Beimin. You are from Nanzhao, and from the Mei Family at that.” Qin Ling confidently stated. Only with this status would Commandery Prince Xie find her to be of use.


“Nanzhao’s Mei Family? What’s that? My surname is indeed ‘Mei’, but I lost my parents when I was young. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Mei Jinxiu denied his claims as she tried to free herself.


“If that’s the case, then it’s all the more reason I can’t let you go to the Prince Hao Residence.” Qin Ling was firm. He then raised his hand and swiftly aimed it at her neck.


Mei Jinxiu’s eyes grew cold. “You…” She only uttered a single word before passing out.


Qin Ling didn’t bring her back to the Ye’s Inn, but a separate one nearby. He booked a top-tier private room and locked her inside. I’ll naturally let her out after Prince Yun has finished his major matters.



The next day, the weather wasn’t as good as it had been. The sky was covered with dreary clouds.


In such weather, Su Xi-er decided to stay in the Dragon Heaven Palace and watch Situ Lin study. After Grand Tutor Kong came, she went to arrange the books on the bookcases of the Dragon Heaven Palace.


Grand Tutor Kong’s voice could constantly be heard. Situ Lin paid attention to his lectures and would record the key points in from time to time.


Four hours quickly went by before Grand Tutor Kong packed up his books and left, leaving behind some homework for Situ Lin.


Situ Lin’s mischievous smile immediately revealed itself once Grand Tutor Kong left. Imperial Aunt is accompanying me today, and Imperial Uncle has left the palace.


“Imperial Aunt.” Situ Lin called out with a saccharine smile.


Su Xi-er continued organising the books while she answered. “What’s the matter?”


“Imperial Aunt, I want to ask for your help with something.” Situ Lin softly said as he showed a fawning look.


“Go ahead and tell me.”

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