To ensure that Mei Jinxiu had successfully escaped, Xie Liuli cried even harder, to the point where the commotion attracted all the guards and everyone else in the Commandery Prince Residence.


Meanwhile, Mei Jinxiu was still fumbling around trying to find an exit. Eventually, she followed a small isolated path in hopes of getting to the back door.


However, she still couldn’t see any sign of the back door no matter how long she searched, causing her to begin to panic. If this goes on, the Commandery Princess’ efforts will be in vain! 


Suddenly, a guard appeared in front of her, causing her to jump in fright. She swiftly tried to hide, but the guard’s words immediately gave her pause. “Miss, there are no guards at the back door right now. Follow this path, make a right turn, and continue walking straight to reach the exit.”


The figure vanished as soon as he finished speaking.


Mei Jinxiu was stunned. Why did he suddenly appear to help me?


Despite being befuddled, she knew there was no time to think about that for now. Following the guard’s instructions, she managed to quickly escape. Patting her chest in relief, Mei Jinxiu then immediately started down the street in a huff. I must make a trip to the Prince Hao Residence now!


Of course, there was no way for her to know that the guard who had assisted her was the covert guard that Pei Qianhao had planted to watch over the Commandery Prince Residence. He had seen Mei Jinxiu being ‘invited’ from afar, and decided to lend a hand after seeing that she was lost.


Mei Jinxiu inhaled a few mouthfuls of fresh air before becoming alert again. I mustn’t trust people so easily again in the future.


Just as she passed a street, a tall man suddenly appeared in front of her. Mei Jinxiu’s heart sank. Under the moonlight, she could see that the person was actually Qin Ling! Why did he suddenly appear here?


“Miss, why did you come out from the back door of the Commandery Prince Residence?” Qin Ling examined her. She came out from the Commandery Prince Residence, and now seems to be heading to the Prince Hao Residence.


“Why do I have to tell you?” Mei Jinxiu raised her head and stared straight at him, even though she was feeling extremely anxious inside. She knew that Qin Ling would definitely stop her if he discovered what her purpose was.


“That day, you were deliberately following me; your intentions weren’t pure.” Qin Ling’s expression was solemn. He grew increasingly sure that the young lady hadn’t tailed him because she took a liking to him.


Mei Jinxiu laughed. “I took a liking to you, so I tailed you. Of course my intentions weren’t pure. What, have you also taken a liking to me, Mister?”


“The direction you are walking in is towards the Prince Hao Residence. Miss, you can’t go anywhere now.” Qin Ling raised his hand, preparing to knock her out.


At this moment, Mei Jinxiu heard some footsteps from behind her, prompting her to slightly turn her head. The guards from the Commandery Prince Residence! They have come to search for me!


In the blink of an eye, Mei Jinxiu suddenly slammed into Qin Ling’s chest with all her strength, pressing him to the wall. She then stood on her toes, hooked her arms around his neck, and kissed him without warning.


As their lips met, Mei Jinxiu was slightly nervous, and her arms that were around his neck tightened. She could tell that Qin Ling’s eyes were cold, and that he was about to push her away.


Mei Jinxiu became gentler, but her lips didn’t leave his as she murmured, “Please help me. Commandery Prince Xie wants to harm me. I can’t get captured again.”


Seeing the pleading look in her eyes, Qin Ling’s eyes softened. His gaze landed on the guards who were closing in before he swiftly spun them around, swapping their positions. When the wind blew at his outer robes, they covered Mei Jinxiu from her neck down.


He tilted her head up with his right hand and deepened the kiss.


When the guards from the Commandery Prince Residence came over, they were stunned for a moment before quickly moving away. When has Beimin’s culture become so open? Publicly kissing on the streets?


Soon, their footsteps faded into the distance.


Qin Ling let go of her, and moved a few steps away. “It’s safe now.”


At the beginning, Mei Jinxiu didn’t care about the kiss at all. Only when he deepened the kiss did she become nervous and feel heat rush to the tips of her ears.

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