Mei Jinxiu suddenly felt that it wasn’t easy being the Commandery Princess. Her elder brother values power so much. Anyways, it isn’t the time to think about that; I have to try my best to find a way out! I can’t allow myself to be held captive in here anymore. She paced around the room as she wracked her brain for a solution.


“What’s wrong? Are you hungry? I can let you have my dinner.” Xie Liuli gently said, pointing at the dishes on the table.


The sudden mention of food suddenly reminded Mei Jinxiu how empty her stomach was, leading her to sit down and eat without another word.


Xie Liuli couldn’t help but laugh when she saw how Mei Jinxiu ate. “Eat slower; no one will compete with you. Elder Brother...he didn’t give you anything to eat after inviting you into the residence?”


“How would I dare to eat food given by the Commandery Prince? What if he added some strange medicine in it? If I really fell into his clutches, I would have no choice but to obey him for the sake of surviving.” Mei Jinxiu was forthright, frankly blurting out everything in her mind.


Xie Liuli’s expression changed. Elder Brother is the same as a vile criminal in this woman’s eyes. Yet, even though it makes me uncomfortable to hear her speak that way, I can’t refute her. What if Elder Brother really planned to do that?


“I must escape here, not only for Su Xi-er, but for my own sake as well. I hate being forced against my will the most, and I hate being deceived.” Resentment flickered in Mei Jinxiu’s eyes fleetingly before she continued to eat.


She wiped her mouth off when she was done with her meal, a fabulous idea suddenly coming to mind.


“Commandery Princess, you have to help me leave the residence.” Mei Jinxiu grabbed Xie LIuli’s arm.


Despite not understanding, Xie Liuli gently said, “I will definitely help as long as it’s within my means. Please feel free to tell me what your plan is.”


“You just have to say that your stomach doesn’t feel well after eating these dishes and throw a temper in front of the guards! The more chaotic it gets, the better! Try to call as many guards as possible to your courtyard. I’ll be able to find a chance to slip out then!”


Xie Liuli felt that the idea was worth a try, but...I have never flown into a temper before, how do I…


“Commandery Princess, quickly smash all the bowls and make some noise!” Mei Jinxiu urged. However, she found that Xie Liuli was still standing there with an awkward expression on her face.


Mei Jinxiu felt her heart drop. The Commandery Princess has a lofty status, and her personality is gentle and courteous like the daughter of an aristocratic family should be. How could she know how to fly into a rage all of a sudden?


Thinking quickly, Mei Jinxiu walked over to the table and smashed everything, creating a cacophonous noise that threw Xie Liuli into a panic.


“Commandery Princess, even if you don’t know how to throw a tantrum, you at least know how to cry, right? Pretend that you have many grievances.” Mei Jinxiu advised. Hearing a flurry of movement from outside the room, Mei Jinxiu then immediately pushed open one of the windows in the back of the room and jumped out.


A maidservant’s frantic voice could be heard from outside the room. “Commandery Princess, what happened?”


Xie Liuli immediately went to the back window, only to find that there were no traces of Mei Jinxiu. She fled so fast.


After closing the window, Xie Liuli pretended to cry out in pain. “I’m feeling uncomfortable. Quickly come in.”


The maidservant was thrown into a panic when she heard Xie Liuli’s words, immediately pushing open the doors to the latter’s room. The sight that greeted her was Xie Liuli’s personal maidservant passed out on the ground, and a mess of shattered silverware strewn about. “Commandery Princess, what’s wrong?”


Xie Liuli shook her head. “I don’t know. Huan-er passed out after eating the dishes, and my stomach feels unwell. Quickly, call someone here.” She feigned a suffering expression, and even squeezed out some tears.

The maidservant was anxious when she saw Xie Liuli in such a state. The Commandery Princess has never been like this. The courtyard soon became very ‘lively’.

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