While the guards were still stunned, Mei Jinxiu grabbed the chance to run and escape with a group of guards in hot pursuit.


With the Commandery Prince Residence being as enormous as it was, Mei Jinxiu wasn’t sure of how to get out. Thus, she could only run through the gardens, using the cover of the woods to hide from her pursuers.


She slowly managed to shake off her pursuers, but grew panicked at the sight of the unfamiliar courtyard before her. Where have I run to again?


She noticed a maidservant carrying a tray as she walked to the door of the room and called out ‘Commandery Princess’.


Only then did Mei Jinxiu find out that Xie Yun had a younger sister. With the help of the moonlight, she saw Xie Liuli was quite beautiful.


Just as she was absorbed in her thoughts, she heard footsteps, an indication that the guards had caught up. She was only able to hear bits and pieces of their conversation.


“Cut through the garden...the small woods...could she be in the Commandery Princess’ courtyard?”


“Quickly find her!” The sound of many footsteps could be heard from the nearby woods.


An idea sprung into Mei Jinxiu’s mind. She immediately ran to Xie Liuli’s door and pushed it open.


The maidservant in the room immediately lashed out at her. “Who’s this audacious lass? Do you know…?”


Mei Jinxiu immediately moved forward to cover her mouth before hitting her sleeping acupoint, knocking her out temporarily.


Xie Liuli cautiously took in the sight of the woman in front of her. “Who are you?”


Before she received an answer, a guard’s voice rang from outside the room. “Commandery Princess, did you see a suspicious woman enter your courtyard?”


Mei Jinxiu cast a meaningful look at the woman opposite her before dipping her finger into a teacup on the table, using her finger to write out on the table: Coerced, enter residence.


The few words were sufficient for Xie Liuli to understand that it was her elder brother who had coerced the woman in front of her to stay here. Hence, she replied the guards, “No, I didn’t. I am going to sleep; don’t disturb me.”


She was an unmarried woman, so no one else apart from Xie Yun and her personal maidservants could enter her room.


Thus, the guards could only withdraw and head search the surrounding courtyards for Mei Jinxiu.


Inside the room, Xie Liuli sized up Mei Jinxiu, and found that the latter had a rare heroic look. Women with such looks are often more forthright.


“This peasant woman pays her respects to the Commandery Princess.” Mei Jinxiu respectfully bowed. I still know about such basic formalities.


Xie Liuli didn’t expect that this woman would bow to her. She also has that heroic aura to her; she must be a good person. 


She let go of her reservations and went forward. “You may dispense with the formalities. Why did my elder brother coerce you to enter the residence?”


“I am from the Mei Family, an influential medical family in Nanzhao, and I have come to Beimin for a multitude of reasons. Commandery Prince Xie threatened me to make medicine for him, but I didn’t agree. The medicine he wants to request is definitely not used for saving lives.”


Xie Liuli felt as if her heart was being squeezed when she heard someone else give such an appraisal of her elder brother. Elder Brother’s innate personality is good. It’s just that there are too many things shackling him, causing him to gradually lose his original self.


Detecting the sorrow in Xie Liuli’s eyes, Mei Jinxiu immediately said, “I don’t wish to be dragged into his fight for power. Commandery Princess, could you help me leave the residence? I have something very important to do, otherwise, I’m afraid that Prince Hao’s wedding…”


Xie Liuli immediately raised her head. “You know Su Xi-er?”


“I met her in Nanzhao. She’s a rather good person, who has taught me a lot.” The Mei Jinxiu back then had been very arrogant, but she wasn’t inherently wicked. When she recalled the first time she had met Su Xi-er, she felt very embarrassed. To think that I said something like that to Prince Hao.


“I agree, she really is a good person, but due to various reasons, I can’t become friends with her. Sadly, I am unable to help you. The courtyard is filled with guards; I myself have been detained here after displeasing Elder Brother multiple times.”

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