Pei Qianhao raised his head and whispered in her ears in a charming tone. “Who told you that the bride has to throw her personality?”


“Isn’t this a custom in Beimin? Sewing a handkerchief and throwing it away before entering the groom’s residence to represent throwing away one’s bad temper.”


“What is there to throw away? You must bring everything in, regardless of whether it’s good or bad.” Pei Qianhao sternly said, embracing her even tighter. Even if other women follow such a practice, how is this related to her? My woman won’t ever have to abide by the rules; she can do whatever she wants.


“That won’t do. I have to at least make the effort, otherwise the people of Beimin would say that Princess Consort Hao is too proud and spoiled.” Su Xi-er calmly explained, though the corners of her mouth were already curved up.


“No one will dare to speak ill of this Prince’s Princess Consort. So what if they say anything? It’s fine as long as this Prince likes it.” Pei Qianhao made Su Xi-er face him so that he could look into her eyes.


Su Xi-er once again experienced his unbridled arrogance. He’s happy and willing to allow me to do what I want. The opinions of others doesn’t mean anything to him.


“In that case, I’ll just go through with the formalities. But don’t regret it in the future.” Su Xi-er stood on her tiptoes and hooked her arms around his neck, pressing her lips to his.


Their arms intertwined with one another’s, and their bodies pressed together, presenting a warm scene.


Pei Qianhao lifted her to sit on the table so that she didn’t have to stand on her toes to kiss him. Their lips never separated, and their breathing became heavier as they tightly clung onto one another.


After a long time, Pei Qianhao stopped. The look in his eyes was deep as he raised his hand to tuck a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “When your body has recovered, this Prince will definitely not let you off.”


I have been studying the medical book, and have taken steps to ensure that I will not hurt her. Instead, she will only feel comfort.


Suddenly, a boy’s voice could be heard. “Imperial Uncle, why won’t you let Imperial Aunt off?” Situ Lin’s sudden appearance rendered Pei Qianhao speechless.


In the end, he let go of Su Xi-er and turned around. “Have you finished practising writing and reading your books?” He asked in a serious manner.


Situ Lin stowed away his curiosity and earnestly replied, “I was very hardworking today; I finished early. I heard that Imperial Aunt has returned to the Dragon Heaven Palace, so I was thinking of looking for her and…” Before he could finish, he noticed that Pei Qianhao’s eyes had grown colder, prompting him to stop talking.


Imperial Uncle seems to be unhappy about me getting close to Imperial Aunt? Why’s that? Isn’t it alright if I put in some good words for him in front of Imperial Aunt?


“Your Majesty, why don’t we have dinner together tonight?” Su Xi-er tried to alleviate the awkward atmosphere.


Situ Lin excitedly agreed. “Many thanks, Imperial Aunt. Imperial Uncle, why don’t you join us? We haven’t eaten together for a long time.”


Seeing Su Xi-er’s smile, Pei Qianhao nodded. “Instruct the Imperial Kitchen to prepare.”


“I’ll go right now.” Situ Lin giggled before turning around to leave.




In contrast to the Dragon Heaven Palace’s warm atmosphere, the Commandery Prince Residence was practically on lockdown.


With Xie Yun away from the residence, many guards were keeping watch over Mei Jinxiu, while Xie Liuli’s courtyard was also heavily guarded. The two of them were anxious for the exact same reason: being unable to inform Su Xi-er of Yun Ruofeng’s arrival.


Regardless of the country, someone who was able to become the Prince Regent, a position responsible for supporting the Emperor, definitely had their own merits. In fact, Yun Ruofeng’s reputation had preceded him.


Mei Jinxiu sat in the room for a long time until night fell. Once she had the chance, she clenched her teeth and tried to leave the room. However, before she could even reach the door to the courtyard, she was stopped by the guards. The moment they came over though, they were greeted with a quick smile before medicinal powder was suddenly scattered around them.

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