The group of four continued chattering for some time before they saw a row of soldiers walking over. Each of them was carrying a tray covered with red cloth. As Grand Tutor Kong had always led a frugal lifestyle, Su Xi-er assumed that Pei Qianhao was the one who provided her dowry.


Wu Ling ordered the guards to leave everything in one of the Imperial Library’s storage rooms that had been cleared. “Carry those carefully; make sure you don’t bump against anything.”


Hong Li pulled Ruo Yuan aside, secretly whispering. “Prince Hao is really attentive. He has even prepared the jewellery for Su Xi-er.”


“Of course, Prince Hao treats Su Xi-er as his treasure. He will definitely please her and treat her well.” Ruo Yuan giggled, but when her gaze fell upon Wu Ling, her expression immediately turned solemn.


Wu Ling was perplexed, and couldn’t help but ask, “Ruo Yuan, is there something on my face?”


Ruo Yuan was stunned for a moment before blankly shaking her head. “There’s nothing on your face. You can go and look into the mirror if you don’t believe me.”


Wu Ling didn’t know how to reply, and decided to simply stop pressing the matter as he turned his gaze to Su Xi-er. “It’s time to return to the Dragon Heaven Palace.”


Su Xi-er nodded, then walked to Tan Ge’s side before grasping her hand. “Don’t stay out for too long. Thank you very much for sewing a handkerchief for me.”


“You don’t have to say thanks, Su Xi-er. You are a very good person. Although we have only known one another for a short time…”


Ruo Yuan cut her off. “Any pure and kind person will find Su Xi-er pleasant. Tan Ge, you have to quickly recover. I’ll go to the Imperial Household Department to get the fabric.” Ruo Yuan ran out of the Imperial Library.


Her words had unintentionally stabbed at Tan Ge’s heart. Pure and kind person.


“Tan Ge, I will be leaving first. Take care of yourself; don’t tire yourself over sewing the handkerchief.” Su Xi-er patted her shoulder before walking out of the Imperial Library.


Wu Ling and the other guards from the Prince Hao Residence followed her all the way to the Dragon Heaven Palace.


Watching Su Xi-er’s departing figure, the corners of Tan Ge’s mouth curled up. Prince Hao protects you very well. You will be fine.




Not long after Su Xi-er returned to the Dragon Heaven Palace, Pei Qianhao also arrived. This time, Situ Lin didn’t come out to greet him, choosing instead to diligently practise his writing in his room.


Looking at Su Xi-er’s hair that was devoid of any ornaments, he asked, “What kind of hairpin do you like? Golden or jade?”


She thought that he was referring to the hairpin to be worn on the day of the wedding. “I don’t wear that kind of thing very much. I will only wear the dangling ornament brought back from Nanzhao. And…” She raised her right hand and tugged at the red string hung around her neck. “I will keep wearing this white pearl around my neck.”


Pei Qianhao quietly watched her, casually asking, “Why do you love that jade green dangling ornament, something that belonged to Nanzhao’s previous Eldest Imperial Princess, so much?” His voice was flat, trying his best to not sound like he was trying to sound her out.


He had simply concealed all his emotions.


“I revere her. Besides, I also like simple and neat jewellery with quiet colours.” Su Xi-er indifferently replied. Is he suspicious of me?


“It's better to match with the celebratory mood of the wedding, but since you like the jade green dangling ornament, you can wear that. However, this Prince also wants to give you another golden hairpin.” Pei Qianhao stepped forward and embraced her, burying his head into her neck and inhaling her fragrance.


Su Xi-er laughed. “Alright, I will also wear a golden bracelet. The sparkle will add to the festive mood.”


“Wear them all over your body.” Pei Qianhao softly said.


Su Xi-er slapped his hand. ”Wouldn’t I be unable to move then?”


“This Prince will carry you.”


“No way, the bride has to throw away her personality. How can you carry me into the bridal sedan chair, then all the way to the main hall of your residence?”

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