Pei Qianhao narrowed his eyes, his gaze intensifying for a moment before a smile ghosted over his lips. “Commandery Prince Xie won’t be able to return to the capital for a period of time.”


The covert guard immediately understood his intentions. Prince Hao plans to take action while Commandery Prince Xie is been distracted. Only then can the wedding proceed smoothly.


Hence, the covert guard bowed before remembering something. “There was a young lady who entered the Commandery Prince Residence, but I did not recognise her. I could tell from her expression that she was forced to go in.”


Mockery emerged in Pei Qianhao’s eyes. What’s with a dignified man always making use of women? Is Xie Yun going to make use of even his younger sister for his plans one day?


“Continue monitoring the Commandery Prince Residence.” Pei Qianhao commanded before going back to perusing the new army recruit records.


“This subordinate obeys the order.” The covert guard bowed again as he left the tent.



The Imperial Library


Tan Ge was leaving her room just as Su Xi-er returned, catching sight of the red silk draped over everything. Even though she had already seen them when they were being hung up, everything appeared different when bathed in the golden-yellow sunlight. They gave off a harmonious aura of festivity and warmth when viewed today.


Ruo Yuan knew Tan Ge as the palace maid who was in charge of sweeping the Imperial Library. More importantly, she was the one who had blocked an arrow for Su Xi-er. Thus, Ruo Yuan immediately went over to grab Tan Ge’s hand. “Tan Ge, you’re such a great beauty. You must quickly recover.”


“You are?” Tan Ge puzzledly looked at the plump lady who had suddenly appeared in front of her. Her eyes are shining, and her rosy smile spreads across her rosy cheeks.


“I’m Ruo Yuan.” Ruo Yuan pointed at Hong Li. “She’s Hong Li. Both of us used to be maidservants in the Palace Side Quarters.”


After learning of their identities, Tan Ge smiled at them. “Nice to meet you.” They are the good sisters Su Xi-er befriended in the Palace Side Quarters. Although their personalities are different, I can tell that the look in their eyes is very pure.


“Tan Ge.” Su Xi-er called her before speaking with concern. “The sunlight is quite nice today, but you’ll catch a cold if you stay out for too long.”


“My back is hurting from lying down for a very long time, so I have come out to enjoy the sunlight and festive mood.” Tan Ge replied with a smile on her face before suddenly asking, “Su Xi-er, have you prepared the items needed for the wedding? Not only does the female side need to hang red silk, they also have to buy the Hundred Births Fruit, and do things like sewing a handkerchief.”


Ruo Yuan curiously asked, “I know about the Hundred Births Fruit. It implies giving birth to a son early; but what is the handkerchief for?”


Su Xi-er didn’t understand the wedding customs in Beimin, and there was no such practice of sewing a handkerchief in Nanzhao.


“The person who sews the handkerchief must be someone closest to the bride; for example, her mother or sister. Su Xi-er, I’ll sew it for you. The bride will hold the handkerchief as she boards the bridal sedan chair, and throw the handkerchief away before passing through the entrance of the groom’s residence. It symbolises throwing away one’s personality; discarding all of one’s bad temper.” Tan Ge explained.


So that’s how it works. To have a bride throw away her personality, this custom is really… But since I’m now in Beimin, I should follow their customs. Besides, throwing the handkerchief is one thing, but my personality… we’ll have to wait and see about that.


“Ruo Yuan, do you still have some fabric left? I’ll start sewing the handkerchief today.” Tan Ge tugged Ruo Yuan’s sleeve and asked.


“You can just ask Prince Hao. What kind of fabric do you need?” Ruo Yuan tilted her head with a smile.


Tan Ge replied, “The custom dictates that a normal fabric would suffice.”

“You can just get normal fabric from the Imperial Household Department.” Su Xi-er interrupted. Pei Qianhao is very busy, and his wound has yet to recover. It wouldn’t do for him to become exhausted.

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