Why on earth has he invited me here? With that in mind, Mei Jinxiu sat down at the table.


“You made the disfigurement powder for Pei Anru, but who would have known that she would be hoisted by her own petard.” Xie Yun calmly stated before looking at Mei Jinxiu. “The Mei Family is known for their superior medical skills. This Prince knows that you have been chased out by your elders; help this Prince with a favour, and I will assist you in seizing back control of the Mei Family.”


It was a very attractive deal, but Mei Jinxiu didn’t plan on accepting it. Assisting me in seizing the Mei Family back is no small matter. If he is willing to offer this kind of enticing reward, the favour he’s asking will undoubtedly be even more extreme!


“Commandery Prince, I am unable to accept your kind intentions. I understand very well that there is no free lunch in this world.”


“Why don’t you ask this Prince what I want you to do? It’s very simple”


“Someone as despicable as you will definitely make me do something heinously evil. I won’t do it.” Mei Jinxiu bluntly stated before standing up.


There was a faint smile on Xie Yun’s face. This woman’s personality is much tougher than Tan Ge’s; she isn’t easy to control.


“A healer must have a conscience, hold firm to their beliefs and virtues, and have a strong sense of ethics. Commandery Prince Xie, please find someone else to fulfil your favour.” Mei Jinxiu prepared to walk out of the main hall.


She had only taken a few steps when she was blocked by Xie Yun. “It should be easy enough for you to make some medicine for me, correct?”


“Don’t dream of asking me to make medicine.” Mei Jinxiu raised her head to glower at him.


“You will only leave the Commandery Prince Residence when you agree.” Xie Yun chuckled and instructed the guards outside the main hall. “Guards, send Miss Mei to the side room to rest.”


She immediately felt a headache coming on. I’m being held captive again!


Acknowledging Xie Yun’s orders, the guards gestured for Mei Jinxiu to follow. 


Just as she began to helplessly obey, another guard frantically rushed in. “Commandery Prince, the soldiers you deployed away from the capital were suddenly attacked by mountain bandits. It also rained that night, causing the mountain slopes to cave in. Many soldiers, including Commander Ye, were trapped in the disaster and died.”


“What?!” Any remaining traces of smugness were wiped from Xie Yun’s face as his eyes darkened. “Prepare a horse. This Prince will personally head over.”


Commander Ye was to Xie Yun what Wu Ling was to Pei Qianhao. Needless to say, this wasn’t something he could take lightly.


Mei Jinxiu laughed in glee, and shouted, “Those who have a guilty conscience will receive their retribution. It’s a pity that the soldiers under you were the ones to bear the punishment. A person should accumulate good deeds!”


She immediately felt a frigid gaze shooting in her direction. Xie Yun coldly walked up to her before raising his hand, swinging it straight at her face.


Even if Mei Jinxiu had some fighting skills, she wasn’t Xie Yun’s match. The force from his slap caused her head to tilt to the side, her cheek swelling.


The guard was frightened to the point that he didn’t even dare to breathe. The Commandery Prince has never hit women, but it looks like that will no longer be the case. I can only say that this woman is too glib-tongued and arrogant, completely disregarding the Commandery Prince. If she continues to do so, she will be killed, even if she is still valuable.


Mei Jinxiu stopped talking, huffing with rage as she looked at Xie Yun.


“This Prince has plenty of methods to make you obey.” Viciousness appeared on Xie Yun’s face before he swiftly turned to leave.


Mounting his horse, he rushed out of the city to where the incident had taken place. It was about 30 kilometres away, and he would only arrive around midnight even speeding there on his steed.


The covert guard from the Prince Hao Residence immediately went to the army barracks to report to Pei Qianhao after spotting Xie Yun’s departing figure.


However, when the covert guard entered the tent, he found Pei Qianhao to be unperturbed, as if he had already expected this to happen.


“Prince Hao, what should we do next?” The covert guard couldn’t help but ask.

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