Mei Jinxiu racked her brains for a way to escape, but the guard easily exposed her intentions. “Miss, the Commandery Prince is an upright person. He is only inviting you over for a meal. Please follow this subordinate.”


“If it’s truly an invitation, I can choose to accept or reject it.” Mei Jinxiu immediately walked forward.


She had only taken two steps when a large arm blocked her. “Miss, you don’t seem to be aware of Beimin’s rules. The Commandery Prince’s invitation can’t be rejected.”


Having heard the guard’s words, Mei Jinxiu immediately understood that Xie Yun wasn’t what one would call a ‘good person’. He’s definitely Prince Hao’s enemy! He must have looked into my background and found out that I’m not from Beimin!


The Xie Family was a prestigious aristocratic family, and she knew that she wouldn’t be able to win against the guard in a head-on clash. I should pretend to agree first, then think of a way to escape later.


Mei Jinxiu nodded. “Alright, I’ll go with you.”


The guard waved his hand, beckoning a horse carriage to drive over. Mei Jinxiu’s eyes filled with self-deprecation when she saw it. To have a horse carriage waiting means that they’ve already been tailing me for a long time!


“Miss, please board the horse carriage.” The guard respectfully extended his hand.


Mei Jinxiu coldly snorted. “The way the Commandery Prince Residence treats its guests is absolutely great!” She flung her sleeves, and got onto the carriage.


With a crack of the horsewhip, the horse carriage swiftly headed in the direction of the Commandery Prince Residence.


It wasn’t long before the carriage arrived in front of the Commandery Prince Residence, affording Mei Jinxiu a look at its exterior. The entrance itself was similar in size to the Pei Residence, but the interior design was different.


Mei Jinxiu followed the guard to the main hall where Xie Yun was sitting in the upper seat, smiling down at his ‘guest’.


The guard bowed and withdrew, leaving only the two of them in the main hall.


“Commandery Prince Xie, let’s not beat about the bush. What are your intentions? You’re clearly not friends with Prince Hao; you lied to me!” Mei Jinxiu yelled, completely disregarding Xie Yun’s status.


Although she had tried to keep her temper in check, her true nature couldn’t help but boil to the surface after being deceived. I hate the Mei Family’s elders for lying to me for many years!


“Miss Mei, as a healer, you should drink some tea to reduce your internal fire.” Xie Yun picked up the teapot and poured some into a cup before handing it to her.


“I don’t drink tea.” Mei Jinxiu fixed him with a stern look before continuing. “Prince Yun’s reason for entering Beimin is undoubtedly to snatch Su Xi-er away. You stopped me from informing Prince Hao, and you must be in cahoots with Prince Yun.” 


“Miss Mei, why are you in such a rage? After staying in the Pei Residence for so long, you are getting more and more hot-headed.”


“Commandery Prince, you are despicable!” Mei Jinxiu gnashed out. She would be reminded of the Mei Family Elders whenever she looked at him. I hate being lied to!


“Despicable?” Xie Yun questioned. The amount of blood that stains my hand is much less than Prince Hao’s. I don’t steal from others either, but this is already considered despicable? I’m simply skilled in reading people’s minds and using that to my advantage.


“Commandery Prince Xie, I have already accepted your invitation, I will be going now.” Mei Jinxiu snorted before turning to leave.


“How can you leave before having a meal?” Xie Yun clapped his hands to signal for the meal to be served.


A moment later, a few guards carried a table in, followed by trays of sumptuous dishes.


“It won’t take long for you to finish eating first.” Xie Yun walked to the table and gestured for Mei Jinxiu to take a seat.


“Do you take me for a fool? Dishes served by a despicable person will definitely be poisoned. You try a bite first.” Mei Jinxiu warily looked at him.


Xie Yun picked up a pair of chopsticks and made a point of tasting each dish before sitting down. “You are already in this Prince’s residence. Why would I bother with poison when I could take your life with the lift of a finger?”

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