“Ow, there’s no use even if you beat me to death. I’m only following orders from the top.” The palace maid’s voice became increasingly smaller until finally, she laid prostrate on the ground and stopped emitting any sound.


Ruo Yuan’s eyelid abruptly twitched. Unfortunately, she no longer had the strength to even speak anymore.


Situ Lin immediately leapt out from his hiding spot. He glanced at Su Xi-er, then looked at the arrogant palace maid who had been beaten until she passed out. “You beat the person until she passed out.”


Su Xi-er responded softly, “Mhm. I did beat her.”


“Why do I feel that you’re not scared at all. You’re not a master. You have the same status as them.”


Su Xi-er didn’t pay any attention to Situ Lin, but instead walked to Ruo Yuan’s side and comforted her softly, “I will bring medicinal powder to you that can assist in your quick recovery. I will also think of a way to transfer you out of the Laundry Service Bureau as soon as possible.”


Ruo Yuan raised her chubby face. She really wanted to speak, but her head felt increasingly heavy. Not long after, she had also passed out.


Situ Lin clicked his tongue. “Two fainted all at once.”


All of a sudden, the sound of footsteps accompanied by the voices of people talking could be heard from in front.


“It’s the middle of the night, yet you are howling and making a fuss. Are you seeking death!”


It’s the voice of an old woman. Perhaps the person coming is the old-maidservant-in-charge of the Laundry Service Bureau.


Su Xi-er creased her eyebrows. I still can’t let myself be discovered now.


Casting a glance at Situ Lin, she patted his shoulder. “I’ll hand this over to you. You’re not allowed to give me away.”


With that, she quickly disappeared into the thicket at the side of the courtyard. 


Situ Lin looked at the Old-Maidservant-In-Charge who was getting increasingly closer and gnashed his teeth with hatred. In this world, it’s really the hardest to associate with women and vile people[1]!


The old-maidservant-in-charge of the Laundry Service Bureau, Old Maidservant Li, looked at the boy who had suddenly appeared in the Laundry Service Bureau and was perplexed.


Where did this child come from? For what purpose did he come to the Laundry Service Bureau?


On closer inspection, she discovered two palace maids who were passed out. Immediately, she looked at Situ Lin. “What’s with these two palace maids?”


Situ Lin put on a straight face and showed the dignity of an emperor. “This emperor hasn’t even asked you about the Laundry Service Bureau meting out punishment in private. What’s with the fat palace maid who has fainted?” 


When Old Maidservant Li heard ‘this emperor,’ she was scared until she trembled. “Your...Majesty…”


“This emperor is asking you. Answer me honestly. Why did you hit the fat palace maid?”


Old Maidservant was still finding it hard to believe that the person standing in front of her was the reigning emperor.


How would His Majesty have the time to come out and stroll so late at night? Besides, the Empress Dowager also looks after His Majesty very strictly!


After contemplating for a while, Old Maidservant Liu mustered her courage. “You’re a child who just suddenly popped up for no reason, and you want me to believe that you are the emperor? Do you have a waist tablet[2]?”


Situ Lin was infuriated. However, he had never taken the waist tablet with him when he slipped out. In the Situ Imperial Household, every imperial prince would have a piece of jade hung at their waist. The Situ surname was carved on it, along with the ranking of the imperial prince.


“Since you have no waist tablet, go over to one side. You are disrupting the order in the Laundry Service Department. Unless of course, you were the one who tore apart some of the clothes here a few days ago?” Old Maidservant Li spoke more forcefully. 


What she said was half correct. The clothes were indeed torn by Situ Lin, but he was indeed the emperor.


“This emperor orders you to treat this fat palace maid as quickly as possible. Otherwise, I’ll have you bear the consequences! As for the other palace maid...” Situ Lin lowered his head to look at the palace maid knocked out by Su Xi-er. 


“Immediately order someone to drag her away. This kind of person is not fit to stay in the imperial palace. Randomly banish her as punishment.” His tone carried an imposing might.


However, Old Maidservant Li didn’t believe him.


Looking at Old Maidservant Li’s appearance, Situ Lin was about to fly into a rage. The imperial might is being challenged!


Suddenly, a eunuch’s voice sounded from the palace gate of the Laundry Service Bureau.


“Prince Hao has arrived!”

1. It originated from the Analects of Confucius.

2. Carried by people with status as a representation of their power and position

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