Sweat dripped from Ruo Yuan’s forehead profusely, mixing with her tears and trickling down her cheeks drop by drop. Her lips were pursed tight as she stood ramrod straight.


“You’re even being obstinate! Why are you not yelling anymore? Your flesh is thick so it doesn’t hurt when the cudgel hits your body right?” The palace maid continued to hit her forcefully as she taunted. The palace maid’s teeth were even tightly clenched in exertion.


Ruo Yuan bit her lips, every word that slipped out of her mouth feeling as if they had been squeezed out. “I’m not fat...and I’m not ugly either. My skin is not thick. I am going to face myself properly…”


“Wow, you’re even full of enthusiasm! I’ll thrash you to death!” The palace maid’s cheeks swelled as she raised the cudgel high up, about to land it on Ruo Yuan.


Su Xi-er nimbly bent down to pick up a large stone. With a flick of her finger, it shot forward to squarely impact the palace maid’s forehead.


Pow! The palace maid yelped in pain and let go of the cudgel in her hand. Thump! It happened to land right on her leg.


With how thick and long the cudgel was, its impact was much larger than that of the stone. The palace maid couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air before hollering, “Ouch! It really hurts! Which goddamned person mounted a sneak attack on me?”


Su Xi-er looked at the palace maid coldly. She picked up the cudgel beside her feet and raised it high up. Her eyes seemed to be plated with a layer of frost. “Just now, you were quite good at beating people. Seeing as how I haven’t beaten someone before, how about I try it on you?”


The palace maid was frightened by Su Xi-er’s demeanour and frantically shook her head. “Don’t hit me. Don’t.” Then, she noticed that although Su Xi-er’s clothes weren’t from the Laundry Service Bureau, they were coarse clothes. It looks like she isn’t a palace maid with status in the imperial palace.


“You’re not from the Laundry Service Bureau. What right do you have to hit me! Which palace are you from?” The palace maid ignored the pain and hooted arrogantly again.


Su Xi-er chuckled. “You don’t have to care about which palace I’m from. Tonight, I am simply going to beat you.” Not bothering to wait any longer, her hand raised the cudgel before landing it heavily on the unbridled palace maid.


For some people, you would feel it was unfair for you to hit them even once. On the other hand, for some other people, nobody would sympathise even if you beat them to death!


The thick and long cudgel hit the palace maid time and again. Her unbridled arrogance vanished, leaving her curled up like a frog with her hands and feet to try to block the blows as she cried out in pain. 


Ruo Yuan was in extreme pain and felt that she was about to pass out but was brought back when she had heard Su Xi-er’s voice. She turned her head to take a look and her eyes widened.


It’s really Su Xi-er! She has come! She has come to save me!


“Su Xi-er…” Ruo Yuan called her weakly.


Su Xi-er turned around to glance at Ruo Yuan before she threw the cudgel to the ground and glanced at the palace maid coldly. “What crime did Ruo Yuan commit that caused you to beat her?”


The palace maid was beaten until she had no strength, but she suddenly remembered that Ruo Yuan was transferred from the Palace Side Quarters. This palace maid who suddenly appeared is someone Ruo Yuan knows from the past. In that case, she’s also a palace maid from the Palace Side Quarters!


Fury erupted in her heart when she thought of this. She glared at Su Xi-er ferociously. “She simply lacks a beating. Who asked her to be fat and ugly? Furthermore, the top instructed for us to purposely make things difficult for Ruo Yuan and torment her until she dies.”


The expression in Su Xi-er’s eyes became colder with each word that came from the palace maid’s lips. She raised her right leg and stepped on the palace maid’s hand. “No decent person lacks a beating. Only someone like you, who people wouldn’t mind being beaten to death, deserves such a fate.”


Increasing the force exerted by her foot, Su Xi-er watched as the palace maid’s breathing became increasingly laboured.

There was someone from the top who instructed the palace maids in the Laundry Service Bureau to deliberately punish Ruo Yuan? Is this true or fake? Who exactly instructed that? A probing look emerged in Su Xi-er’s eyes.

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“I’m not fat...and I’m not ugly either. My skin is not thick. I am going to face myself properly…”

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