Yun Ruofeng stared fixedly at the embroidery house as his eyes frosted over. “Get out.”


The manager couldn’t help but shudder at his frigid voice, quickly lowering his head before turning to leave the private room. “This lowly one will leave right now.” 


What’s wrong with the guest? He was still cordial when he arrived, but he flew into a rage in the blink of an eye.


Still wrapped up in his own thoughts, the quickly walking manager accidentally bumped into someone while holding the tray.


Seeing that the manager was quite old, Qin Ling immediately supported him. “Are you alright?”


“I’m fine, but something has happened to your master.” The manager steadied himself with Qin Ling’s help.


Hearing the manager’s words, Qin Ling immediately headed for the private room after the former went on his way.


When he arrived, Yun Ruofeng was still staring at the embroidery house. His mood seemed to have stabilised, and his gaze was no longer as cold as before.


Qin Ling silently walked to his side and saw that Yun Ruofeng was looking at an embroidery house. Why is Prince Yun staring at such a place?


A moment later, Yun Ruofeng turned his head to look at Qin Ling, and slowly remarked, “This Prince saw Su Xi-er.”


Qin Ling immediately understood the reason behind his actions. Prince Yun was staring at that embroidery house because Su Xi-er entered it. The only reason that she would be visiting an embroidery house right now is to pick out a wedding dress; no wonder Prince Yun scared the manager just now.


“She has already forgotten this Prince.” Prince Yun softly stated, a trace of sorrow and desolation in his voice.


Qin Ling usually didn’t comment much about Yun Ruofeng’s feelings, but he couldn’t help but say something when he felt that the latter appeared especially miserable, “Prince Yun, please allow this subordinate to boldly ask, have you forgotten the previous Eldest Imperial Princess?”


To mention the words ‘previous Eldest Imperial Princess’ in Nanzhao was forbidden, but Qin Ling had chosen to do so.


The look in Yun Ruofeng’s eyes faltered. He turned his gaze towards the embroidery house once again, keeping silent for a very long time.


“Please have a good rest, Prince Yun. This subordinate will take my leave.” Qin Ling bowed and left the private room, closing the door behind him and leaving Yun Ruofeng to his own thoughts.


Yun Ruofeng curled his hands into fists under his sleeves. I have never forgotten Ning Rulan. But it was only after I lost her did I understand that she’s already an indispensable part of my life, to the point that I couldn’t live without her.


However, she has now been snatched away by Pei Qianhao, and is no longer known as Ning Rulan.


Her status is no longer that of a servant, which makes this more difficult to snatch her away. Furthermore, robbing another person’s body and reincarnating in it is seen as evil, so we can’t allow her true identity to be revealed.


Yun Ruofeng stared at the embroidery house, his gaze firm as he mumbled to himself, “Su Xi-er, even if you have forgotten this Prince and fallen in love with Pei Qianhao, this Prince will have to take you away for your own sake.”


Meanwhile, Su Xi-er suddenly felt her heart leap, a shiver running down her spine. I keep feeling that there’s something amiss.


Noticing her abnormal expression, Née Liu, the seamstress she had come to see, asked, “Miss, what’s wrong?”


Su Xi-er replied with a smile. “I’m fine, Aunt Liu, please continue.”


“I always appraise the person whenever I sew a wedding dress for someone. The first time I saw you, I already decided that I would take on the job.” Née Liu showed a puzzled expression. “Shouldn’t you be happy that you’re getting married? Besides, the person you’re marrying is…”


Su Xi-er cut her off as she smiled. “I’m naturally happy that I’m getting married. Née Liu, please continue taking my measurements.”


“Good, you can rest assured that I’ll make you a gorgeous wedding dress from the best fabrics with golden and colourful threads.”


“Thank you for the trouble, Aunt Liu.” Su Xi-er replied with a smile.

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