After finishing the task of hanging up the red silk, the group of Su Xi-er, Hong Li, and Ruo Yuan had lunch together. They then swept the Imperial Library before Su Xi-er left on her own to visit Tan Ge, noticing that the latter’s condition had improved.


Grand Tutor Kong had already stated that if Tan Ge was still bedridden a few days before the wedding, she would have to be moved to another palace; his reason was that having someone who was ill stay in the same palace would be inauspicious for the festive mood. In addition, every room in the Imperial Library was to be washed with Chinese honey locust water until everything was gleaming. After all, someone had just died here a few days prior.


Pei Qianhao returned late after Su Xi-er had returned to the Dragon Heaven Palace. As soon as he walked into the room, he explained to her that they would be leaving the palace to meet the seamstress who would be creating the wedding dress. As for everything else, he advised her that he would be handling all of it.


Su Xi-er looked at him from the side. He’s very attentive.


Catching her staring at him, Pei Qianhao felt a little awkward. He walked behind her and hooked his hands around her waist before carrying her to the bed. “Go to sleep. You have to wake up early tomorrow.”


“What about you?” Su Xi-er countered.


Pei QIanhao lowered his head and set his forehead against hers. “This Prince will be reading.”


Su Xi-er was stunned. It can’t be the medical book again, right?


A burst of playful laughter escaped from his lips. “Look at you. I know that your thoughts must have run wild. Don’t worry, this Prince will be reading a military book today.”


He then slid a book out from his sleeve, swinging it in front of Su Xi-er so that she could read the title before sitting down at a desk in the room.


Su Xi-er glanced at him. He can’t blame me for guessing incorrectly when he switches from being serious to shameless so rapidly. In the end, Su Xi-er propped her head up with her right hand, falling asleep while watching him earnestly pore over the book in his hands.


Pei Qianhao's gaze deepened as his eyes stopped over a set of words written on the page.


Soul insertion


This book might look like a military manual on the surface, but is actually… about the occult.


His eyes were fixed on those words as he clenched his right hand before relaxing it again. Only after a long time did he close the book, walk to the wardrobe, and stow the book away underneath everything else.


He didn’t believe in the occult, but now… Doubt flickered across his eyes, and a soft chuckle escaped his lips. Forget it, it doesn’t matter who she is. In the end, this is all just my own suspicions. The one thing I know for sure is that she is the one I want.


Pei QIanhao turned around and walked towards the bed, shaking his head when he saw her hand hanging out of the quilt. If I don’t hug her while she sleeps, her hands will start becoming restless.


He carefully tucked her hand under the quilt. Just as he was about to let go, she suddenly grabbed him and softly mumbled, “This servant smells.”


The corners of Pei Qianhao’s mouth raised. She’s even dreaming about her life in the Palace Side Quarters.


He squeezed her hand. “This Prince doesn’t mind that you smell.” Only after he gently laid his hand over hers did she relax her grip.


Pei Qianhao slowly removed his outer robes and climbed onto the bed, embracing her from behind as he fell asleep.


The next morning, Su Xi-er didn’t see Pei Qianhao around when she woke up. He has always eaten breakfast together with me. I wonder where he disappeared to so early in the morning.


“Miss Xi-er, the rinsing water and breakfast have been prepared.” A palace maid respectfully informed her from outside the door.


Su Xi-er replied with an affirmative before dressing herself. A moment later, she had tied a simple hair bun for herself before walking out of the room.


In less than an hour, she had finished freshening up and eating breakfast. She then left the Dragon Heaven Palace with Wu Ling and the other guards from the Prince Hao Residence trailing behind.


There were noticeably more guards coming along today, with a few more standing beside an ordinary-looking horse carriage in the distance.

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